Highest Rated Non-SCPs

This list includes any and all pages that aren't SCPs, including tales, test logs, interviews, after-action reports, administrative pages, and the occasional creepypasta.

Your Very First SCP!, by The Great Hippo (rating: 457, comments: 66)
Mobile Task Force Omega 7 Incident Log, by DrClef (rating: 443, comments: 48)
Log of Anomalous Ducks, by (user deleted) (rating: 436, comments: 162)
SCP-093 'Blue' Test, by NekoChris (rating: 436, comments: 10)
Everyone Knows, by Bryx (rating: 434, comments: 45)
Main, by The Administrator (rating: 433, comments: 210)
SCP-001 (Unlocked), by WrongJohnSilver (rating: 429, comments: 45)
Document #096-1, by Dr Dan (rating: 428, comments: 35)
Document #087-I, by Zaeyde (rating: 428, comments: 23)
Capone, by Fantem (rating: 425, comments: 31)
AIAD Homescreen, by LurkD (rating: 418, comments: 73)
page what is for dado hub yes, by djkaktus (rating: 414, comments: 71)
Sarkicism Hub, by Metaphysician (rating: 411, comments: 91)
Clef And Dimitri Hit The Road, by DrClef (rating: 411, comments: 86)
SunnyClockwork's Artwork Hub, by SunnyClockwork (rating: 410, comments: 62)
End of Death Hub, by Croquembouche (rating: 409, comments: 52)
Metafiction, by Voct (rating: 409, comments: 103)
Why Change?, by Joreth (rating: 404, comments: 60)
Ethical?, by Montala (rating: 401, comments: 43)
Revenants, by Photosynthetic (rating: 401, comments: 36)
The Self Insert, by AdminBright (rating: 398, comments: 67)
SCP-093 'Green' Test, by NekoChris (rating: 398, comments: 17)
Dr. Bright Is No Longer Allowed To Use Temporal Anomalies In Order To Travel Back in Time So He Can Kill Hitler, by Doctor Cimmerian (rating: 393, comments: 31)
Gamers Against Weed Hub, by Communism will win (rating: 393, comments: 101)
Interview 882-1, by Dr Gears (rating: 393, comments: 27)
The O5 Orientation, by Anborough (rating: 389, comments: 34)
Resurrection, by thedeadlymoose (rating: 388, comments: 205)
Incident Report SCP-701-19██-1, by tinwatchman (rating: 387, comments: 13)
"Baby's First Guide to Keter-Class Anomalies" & Other Questionable Documents Recovered from the Hard Drive of Dr. ████ ███████, by (user deleted) (rating: 385, comments: 69)
Of Multiverses and Dandelion Wine, by DrClef (rating: 381, comments: 37)
Dust and Blood, by Djoric (rating: 377, comments: 50)
Audio/Telemetry Log Epsilon-12-1555, by atomicthumbs (rating: 377, comments: 84)
SCP-S, by CryogenChaos (rating: 375, comments: 40)
SCP-093 'Violet' Test, by NekoChris (rating: 375, comments: 14)
835 After Action Report, Uncensored, by DrClef (rating: 373, comments: 53)
Global Occult Coalition Casefiles, by DrClef (rating: 371, comments: 112)
Nobody Knows, by DrEverettMann (rating: 370, comments: 38)
Date Night, by Hercules Rockefeller (rating: 362, comments: 88)
An FAQ; Or, What The Hell Is A Hume?, by Jekeled (rating: 359, comments: 46)
Orientation, by DrEverettMann (rating: 357, comments: 25)
SCP-093 'Red' Test, by NekoChris (rating: 355, comments: 4)
SCP Style Resource, by Shaggydredlocks (rating: 354, comments: 129)
Where Have You Been All My Life, by qntm (rating: 354, comments: 32)
Magic Orientation, by thedeadlymoose (rating: 353, comments: 49)
"I Quit.", by AdminBright (rating: 349, comments: 38)
Standard Form For Downvotes, by eric_h (rating: 349, comments: 76)
Termination_Order, by DrClef (rating: 349, comments: 50)
SCP-093 'Yellow' Test, by NekoChris (rating: 348, comments: 5)
Knee-Deep In The Keter, by zaratustra (rating: 346, comments: 85)
Clockwork Time, by Dr Gears (rating: 344, comments: 62)

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