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Project Hecatoncheires was officially approved by the O5 Council on 5 May, 1992. But the origins of the project go much further back than that.

In 1986 a fledging provisional director of a provisional Site discovers the body of a completely unknown anomalous creature in the basement of an 18th century Yorkshire manor. This cadaver had been ritually sacrificed. Its murderers were arrayed around it, having died through horrendous violence following the ritual.

In researching this anomaly, a series of interconnected anomalous events, artifacts and locations were discovered. Project Hecatoncheires concerns the research and containment of these anomalies. It is a multi-level initiative with research into an alien anomalous species, the impact that species has had on human history and the apparent budding return of the species to interfere again in our development.

What is a god?

What does authority mean?

What good is the individual without a community?

What can we learn from our enemies?

Documentation of Project Hecatoncheires:

Below you will find a dossier on the central Site concerned with Project Hecatoncheires.


SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Research and Containment Site-91

Official Designation: Xenobiological Research and Containment Site-91

Site Identification Code: XRC-Site-91

General Information


View of Site-91 research and containment facility from the south.

Purpose: Research Site-91 is a heavily secured facility used to research and contain xenobiological and thaumaturgical anomalies of interest.

Founded: 17 Jan 1987

Location: Rural Yorkshire, England.

Cover Story: Privately owned 18th century manor.

Site Function: Research and Development, Containment, Mobile Task Force Deployment (as needed), center of Project Hecantoncheries activities.

Size: Total land area of 2.6km2

Additional Information:


Portrait of William Henry Eckhart hanging in the entrance of Site-91's primary facility.


The structure that would become Site-91's primary research facility was built in the early 18th century by the Eckhart family, and named Eckhart House. In 1779, an anomalous event occurred which damaged the manor.1

Established as Provisional Site-91 in 1986 shortly after the discovery of SCP-4612, the site was fully commissioned by Overwatch command the following year. Site-91 was originally adapted from its previous use to contain SCP-4612 (which was found in the substructure below the manor), but was expanded to a full containment facility, research lab and library.

The site's research focus is the containment and analysis of xenobiological specimens, with a secondary focus of the development of thaumaturgical countermeasures and containment of thaumaturgical artifacts. It serves as the primary station for MTF-Beta-777 (“Hecate’s Spear”) due to their familiarity with and expertise in thaumaturgical analysis.


  • Guarded perimeter enclosure
  • Extensive biometric security measures
  • Internal and external security check points
  • Overlapping system of thaumaturgical wards
  • Titanium and beryllium bronze reinforced original structure of manor

Logistical Capabilities:

  • Extensive thaumaturgical library and research laboratory
  • Xenobiological research laboratory:
    • Dissection and genetic analysis
  • Fully functional medical center
    • Trauma and emergency services
    • Surgical suites
    • Intensive care unit
    • Long term hospice care for victims of SCP-5079
  • Full contingent of MTF Forces
    • Rapid deployment utilizing VTOL aircraft
    • Central mobilization point for MTF-Beta-777 ("Hecate's Spear")
    • Since 5 May 1992, central HQ for Project Hecatoncheires including deployment of MTF-Tau-9 (“Bookworms”) and MTF-Omega-20 (“Thought Police”)

Staffing Information


Site Director:
Iona Varga, MD/PhD (seen above)

Site Superintendent:
Hidetaki Utseki

Security Chief:
Cpt. William Granger

Xenobiological Research Director:
Iona Varga, MD/PhD

Thaumaturgical Research Director:
Jocasta Rossi, PhD

Chief Archivist:
Adronicus Matsouka, PhD

Acquisition and Logistics Director:
Hannah MacGregor

Medical Director:
D. Cooper, MD

Ethics Committee Liaison:
Veronica Sanchez

Maintenance Superintendent:
Robert Carlyle Simmons, MS

Acroamatic Abatement Engineer:
M'buka Rainier

Senior Investigator:
Agent Rebekah Douglas

MTF-Beta-777 Supervising Officer:
Capt. Sahara Zadeh

On-Site Personnel:

    Staff Doctors: 12

    Staff Researchers: 32

    Containment Personnel: 31

    MTF Personnel: 28

    Administrative Personnel: 5

    Maintenance and IT: 8

    Security Personnel: 52

    D-Class: 0

    Other Personnel: 10

Notable Containment Incident of Record

2 July, 1990
Several Serpent's Hand agents attempted to break containment and steal 4612-A. After opening a Way on the premises, the agents were able to cast a cantrip to fool the Site-91 thaumaturgical wards, allowing them the ability to access the grounds. Serpent's Hand agents were able to enter the underground containment vault of 4612-A but were impeded by two things they had failed to consider:

a) the excessive density of 4612-A's biological material made the cadaver nearly impossible to remove from the stone slab on which it was found; and

b) biometric security features tied into thaumaturgical wards on the containment vault were activated upon non-cleared personnel accessing the vault. The five Serpent's Hand agents eventually surrendered to on-site security personnel and were detained for attempting to break containment protocols.

After interrogation revealed relevant intelligence, Director Varga ordered the agents amnesticized with class-B chemicals and released to the local constabulatory. This action was approved by the Ethics Committee Liaison and as such the agents were charged with breaking and entering of a private residence. They received a sentence of four years and routine surveillance after release showed no continuing ties to the Serpent's Hand. Following this incident, Capt. Zadeh edited the thaumaturgical wards surrounding Site-91 to better assure that Ways would be incapable of opening inside the perimeter.

Main Facility Structure


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