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Title Rating Comments Created
Sparks Of Creativity 159 40 17 Sep 2011 13:06
SCP-970 327 51 18 Oct 2011 11:35
SCP-1441 185 81 26 Sep 2012 20:45
SCP-2872 80 40 26 Jul 2015 23:57
SCP-2741 67 52 19 Oct 2015 16:25
SCP-2967 17 12 24 Oct 2015 00:31
SCP-2179 68 11 14 Nov 2015 12:58


This is the first thing I ever did for the site - I was talking in #site19 one night and it just unfolded, and suddenly everyone was telling me to A) get an account and B) post it. I hadn't done much in the way of creative writing before, and I was really bowled over by the positive feedback I got from people.

Looking back on it, it kind of shows (to me, at least) as a bit raw and showing that it was written in the space of 15 minutes, and I can't shake how similar the first bit is to the sperm whale in Hitchhiker's Guide. It certainly wasn't a conscious reference/plagiarism. But a wise man told me once that the author's opinion doesn't matter, the ratings matter!! Except when they don't.



I was doing the dishes and by the time I finished I'd got this pretty much mapped out in my head. I always use it to be smug at people in #site19 when they talk about "oh first SCPs always fail" and that's one of many reasons I'm probably not going to heaven.

The bit of this I love most - Experiment 03 - actually wasn't in the original article. I kept coming back to it every so often and thought ok there's something missing, experiment 01 is "ok what's the point of this", experiment 02 is "ok this is interesting, and what's now experiment 04 is "ok let's never speak of this again" - it needed an "ok this is all really fucking confusing and let's find out just how bad we can screw this up" in there if for no other reason than to have longer to build up to -04. But no it's the best part I love it.

I think this is probably the first part of my tendency towards comedy in SCPs - the Foundation's such a natural straight man (in the comedy sense, though lol that too), it's almost a shame not to give it a few custard pies to the face.



Someone on the SA forums SCP thread linked a skymall catalogue and I saw a paper towel dispenser in there and was trying to figure out how it could be anomalous until I realised it was right there. Not much else to explain and I am really happy with it. My SCPs are my babies, my ugly ugly babies, and I get all mama bear with them. (I guess if they're bears that explains why they're ugly babies.)

This was the first even mildly controversial one I wrote (THAT DIDN'T LAST) - I don't think SCP-970 got a single downvote until it was at like, +100 or so? But fuck if I'd change it, like I said above I think you can have funny articles without them being -J, and I think this joke is great and if you don't like it you're a bad person and you should sit down and reflect on where you went wrong in life.



space hoooorse he's up in space
space hoooooorse his relativistic speeds will cause significant problems for the human race
space horse he'll go fast, he'll never come in last
space horse knows the problems he must face but
space horse he will win the race

I decided to click random article on Wikipedia until I found SCP fuel, and the third one or so was a racehorse, and this thing came out of it. I really genuinely felt attached to the space horse while I was writing this and I kept writing "he" instead of "it" in the article and I left one in because I wanted to give just a little hint that even the cold inhumane Foundation has people who love this horse dearly - no anomalies, no memetocognitors, just affection for a good horse who runs so fast. May God save us all from his return.

Thank you kinchtheknifeblade for being a guiding light of inspiration for this SCP about a horse who just wants to show everyone he can win the Kentucky Derby.



Well this one turned out to be controversial. It might actually be too soon to say if it should have been a -J right now - at the moment I'm just reflexively defensive of it. Give it a year or so and I might not froth at the mouth every time someone criticises my sweet SINISTER!! child. Yes it's all based around that one pun. It was another one that popped into my head basically fully-formed while I was doing the dishes. I blame October for it.



This one I wrote ages ago, but it never seemed to gel right. Then when I was sandboxing the previous two I found it again, cleaned it up, stressed about it for a few days, and posted it. I have no idea where the idea for it came from, but I'm happy with the idea, and reasonably happy with the execution.



False alarm! Get it? Eh? Ehhh?

The bell used to be in the school, and has spent some time guarding the children from harm. Take that as you will.


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