Item #: SCP-4134

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of a terrorist attack or mass shooting within a 1km radius of Paris, France, Applied Task Force Sacre-2 ("Mimesweepers") will conduct a sweep radially from the location of the incident. Upon discovery of any SCP-4134-1 instance, no fewer than three personnel, equipped with blast-resistant gear, are to contain the instance according to Procedure 4134-Harpo until the instance resumes non-anomalous behavior (see Document 4134-Harpo).

All restoration projects performed on Parisian buildings certified as "historic monuments" are to be assigned three members of Applied Task Force Sacre-2 ("Mimesweepers"), accompanied by two D-class personnel trained in mime, to be converted to instances of SCP-4134-1. Instances are to be contained using Procedure 4134-Harpo on-site until renovations are complete.

Membership in ATF Sacre-2 ("Mimesweepers") will be granted only to Foundation personnel with French citizenship born in France. D-class personnel recruited for use in SCP-4134 containment efforts must also have French citizenship been born in France.

Description: SCP-4134 refers to a pattern of behavior exhibited by mimes1 within the city of Paris, France, triggered whenever the city of Paris or any Parisian buildings classified as "Historic Monuments" are threatened. Previous threats have included:

  • Military invasion of Paris
  • Destruction of Parisian buildings or monuments certified as "historic"
  • Renovation or restoration projects on "historic" monuments or buildings, entailing the removal or destruction of major features of same (see Incident Log 4134.3)

Whenever one of the above occurs, one Parisian mime will spontaneously become an instance of SCP-4134-1. Mimes appear to be selected based on proximity to threats, with closer candidates being prioritized over those further away. SCP-4134-1 instances' anomalous properties persist until being "activated" (see below), or until the "threat" to Paris has been eliminated (for instance, when "historic" buildings are returned to normal).

Upon conversion, SCP-4134-1 instances travel to a pedestrian walkway within 100 meters of the perceived threat. Upon reaching a suitable location, an instance will take a kneeling position with both arms extended forward from the shoulder. At this point, it is considered "armed" and will remain completely immobile until triggered.

When armed, any force which displaces either hand of SCP-4134-1 more than 3cm will trigger a directional explosion outward from a point in space no more than 30 centimeters in front of the instance's chest, typically resulting in the destruction of both hands.

After detonation, SCP-4134-1 instances become non-anomalous, typically showing panic and confusion at their injuries. Expiration due to blood loss is common without immediate medical treatment. Individuals are unable to recall time spent as SCP-4134-1 instances, or provide any information about the source of SCP-4134.

SCP-4134 was declared Neutralized on 09/01/1944 after all ███ instances of SCP-4134-1 in Foundation containment lost their anomalous properties. However, three new instances of SCP-4134-1 manifested following the bombing of ██████████ in 1960. Testing was conducted to determine the cause of the anomaly. SCP-4134 was subsequently reclassified as Euclid.

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