Critter Profile: Conie!

Critter Profile: Conie!



Name: Conie

Species: Conus cone (unsure, but probably)

Primary Caretaker: Wilson's Baking Solutions

Diet: Probably okay in moderation! Don't eat a whole one

Housed: Just on a table somewhere

Creature Features!

So no one really knows what good old Conie is. Just sorta popped up one day. There's a joke going round that one of the guys went out and bought some profiteroles, rambling about cones all the while, and built it himself! But we all know that's not true. No man could ever build a creature of this natural beauty. She's so spongy, and creamy, and…. conical.


Oh, I definitely should've spent a while longer covering Conie's natural features in that last section (like the gooey sticky caramel she's got drizzling her voluptuous waist) instead of discussing Greg's antics because I've gone and run out of content for this section!

I'm gonna use it to talk about cones. They're great. Ever since Conie turned up, I've been thinking about cones a lot more.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Special needs? Oh no, Conie doesn't really have any needs. I guess she likes to be kept in the refrigerator, but… that means we don't get to see her!

Notes about Conie!

I want another Conie! She's so cute. Gotta find out how Greg did it.

Conie responds particularly positively to:

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