SCP-CONE prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-CONE

Object Class: Conical

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CONE is to be kept within a soundproof cell, designed such that the walls are covered in cones (the cell doesn't have to be soundproof, it's just the cones that are important).

In order to prevent SCP-CONE's deadly anomalous effects, all matter used to construct the cell must be cone-based.

MTF Δ-0 "Wizards of Dunshire" are to be kept on-site as a cone-based task force to deal with any eventualities.

Under no circumstances are any personnel who are not cone-based to come into contact with the object.

Description: SCP-CONE is the designation given to a single anomalous croquembouche currently located at Site-39. SCP-CONE currently has four profiteroles missing from it, current whereabouts unknown. It is known that at least one of the profiteroles has been consumed by a Foundation researcher.

SCP-CONE is composed primarily of cone-based-matter - that is, all particles with it are cone-based, all atomic nuclei are cone-shaped, and even the wavefunctions of individual orbitals on said atoms at all times form the shape of a cone. It is currently unknown how SCP-CONE is able to interact with regular matter.

SCP-CONE exerts an anomalous effect within a small area of influence that creates an obsession with cones in those who remain close to it for too long. After several minutes of exposure, the subject will be compelled to consume one of the profiteroles. If this is allowed to happen, the subject with become uncontrollably obsessive and will attempt to produce copies of SCP-CONE.

Copies produced in this manner exert the same properties as SCP-CONE itself, and should be treated as such. Additionally, all communication with the obsessed has a chance to spread the obsession effect.

It is currently known that at least 3 GoIs are holding their own copies of SCP-CONE. Containment efforts are ongoing.

Crosstesting of SCP-CONE is currently being considered with:

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