Project Proposal 2018-01: "A Big Cone"

A Big Cone will look like this but bigger

Name: Benjamin Wyatt

Title: A Big Cone

Material Requirements:

  • Several thousand profiteroles
  • A few vats of caramel
  • A few vats of glue (if the caramel doesn't hold it together)

Abstract: I am going to build a giant cone and I am going to build it out of profiteroles. It will be the best cone, it will be the biggest cone. I will make it out of profiteroles - not for eating, just because profiteroles are an excellent and versatile construction material. I actually believe more things should be made out of profiteroles, and perhaps this artwork will inspire others to do the same.

Intent: Should be obvious. I am going to build a big cone.

Response: Proposal "A Big Cone"


I am unsure what you're trying to achieve with this piece. There appears to be no drive, no motive behind it beyond the simple desire to build a cone. I fail to see any emotional depth or even logical background.

Perhaps if you could explain to me what value you see here that I am missing, then I could sponsor this piece. That would be cool, no?

The Patron

Response: It's a big cone. I genuinely don't understand; what are you not getting?


Oh shit yeah it just suddenly clicked for me. I'll get you everything you need as soon as possible. Please, construct this cone with haste.

The Patron

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