Found in the Journal of a Lost Naturalist
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There clinging amongst the towering green
Where humming the birds had gifted their seed
Clad in rainbow hues of effortless bloom
There our prize did shine forth beneath the moon
From far had we come to the rumored tree
To win for ourselves its glorious fruit

Tales had we heard of this sovereign fruit
Hidden so deep in the depths of the green
Drawing its power from light of the moon
Perfumes of Eden the breath of its bloom
For this was our quest to gather its seed
And to the world bring the gift of the tree

So then we stood at the base of the tree
Pondering how we could gather its fruit
So high up within the tangles of green
As well it might be as far as the moon
Then plans and then schemes in our minds did bloom
As coveted it we in root branch and seed

But that was not all that had taken seed
For creepers and vines surrounded the tree
And twined and wound all the way to the fruit
And so up we clambered into the green
To seize our prize in the light of the moon
We drank deeply the scent of Eden’s bloom

And there in our breasts did desire bloom
Where a longing so strong had taken seed
And shot forth a bright shoot of hunger green
And so we devoured the blessed fruit
Took part in the sacrament of the tree
And were baptized in the light of the moon

So heard we the word beneath the bright moon
We all were apostles not yet in bloom
But we had been given the sacred seed
Would now carry forth the word of the tree
And from land to land spread the holy fruit
Impose on the world the will of the green

Then left we the green biding next full moon
When the gifted seed in our hearts will bloom
In the name of the tree shall we bear fruit

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