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Yes, you can write tales about SCPs. That is absolutely allowed. Also I'm not quite sure if this is the place to have asked that, though. I think help desk or general might have fit better.

Yeah, I don't really find this funny. Maybe I just don't get it or something, but the joke basically seems to be "bad words funny," with nothing beyond the authors finding swear words to suddenly be super duper funny for no real reason. Nothing beyond that.

I'm having trouble expressing why it doesn't work for me, but it's basically like finding Elizabethan English super hysterical all of a sudden. Like… I can sort of see how someone would find the usage of it mildly humorous, but making an entire article themed around how funny it is would just fall flat. Because it is not intrinsically funny.

Now, one could make an article in which swearing is used humorously, just the same as how Elizabethan English could be used humorously. But it's not inherently funny by itself.

Maybe there's something I'm not getting or understanding here. But this is gonna be a downvote from me.

I can swallow pills without water.

by Calibri BoldCalibri Bold, 21 Feb 2020 04:36

Hmm, I see that now, although I'm unsure about why the joke is there. I'm not saying -Js should only have one gimmick, but there doesn't seem to be much connecting Swearing Bird and Foundation Is Confused By Talking Animals.

by NagirosNagiros, 21 Feb 2020 04:35

Excuse me no cursing please

this is a christian minecraft server

by CityToastCityToast, 21 Feb 2020 04:33

It's functionally just a little sign-off that appears at the bottom of your forum posts. Some people choose to have one, even though the wiki's Sigma-9 Theme suppresses it. It won't show up on the wiki, but may be visible if someone is checking your recent posts from your account profile.

Here's an example in the forums of the Snippets wiki.

I see what you mean. I didn't mean to be harsh with that comment, I should probably refrain from making that mistake in the future… :/
As for your strategy for starting ideas, I think it would be prudent for you to develop the idea as a whole (story and object) into one structure, even if it's incomplete, and then post it. That way reviewers know where you intend to go with the story, and offer higher quality critique.
If you don't mind, I'm going to check out your sandbox and see what you have cooking, and I'll present my take on it.

Calling out any article, regardless of age or popularity, for being overly Judeo-Christian is a good thing. Criticism is good. Heritage articles should not be immune to criticism.

sjw taste

Can you not?

Re: Questionable SCP by NagirosNagiros, 21 Feb 2020 04:28

You understand that this is Series I right? Like, this was written well over a decade ago? Things were a lot different back then, and a lot of these entries are what they are for posterity. 343 is also referenced in a lot of tales and other articles. I'm not saying you have to like 343, but you should know a little site history before you go around demanding an 11 year old SCP be turned into a "sexless" god to suit your sjw taste.

Also, it's literally part of the goddamn "Heritage Collection"

Re: Questionable SCP by DrSpectorDrSpector, 21 Feb 2020 04:22

Hi, I have a question about the account signature on wikidot. I am not exactly sure what this is for and where this appears on a public profile, or what an example signature should look like. If it's something that doesn't matter, that's fine, I was just curious since I do not know what it is.

Did you mean for that to say punch card at the end, rather than an index card, or was that a slip-up? Is the swine now utilizing antiquated computer programing methods?

by Gabriel McQueenGabriel McQueen, 21 Feb 2020 04:16

Just quickly, I was considering giving them a hive mentality, so that one on its own isn't a threat, but when they're all grouped up they become incredibly dangerous. I feel like this would be a decent change because if one on its own had human intelligence then it'd be nigh impossible to contain, so if they had a hive mentality, then they could be incredibly dangerous, but in short, they're not

Responding to PM request.

Will review within 16 hours. Please hold.

I suggest MTF Iota-0 "Circle the Squares"'s costume.

Seriously though, you can dress however you want and it can count as MTF. While an armed person in tactical gear is likely the first thing associate with the term, MTF include anything as long as it's required to deal with specific threat.

Re: SCP MTF Cosplay help by KuruniKuruni, 21 Feb 2020 04:13

Will review within 16 hours. Please hold.

Will review within 16 hours. Please hold.

Re: Permanent Image by RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes, 21 Feb 2020 04:13

Will review within 16 hours. Please hold.

Will review within 16 hours. Please hold.

The draft is here:

This tale is meant to be the potential launch pad for a new GoI: The Commission on Unusual Cargo. The premise of this GOI is a department of the East India Company which discovers and is instructed to protect the Company from anomalous artifacts it designates "Unusual Cargo". The Commission, in this canon, eventually became/created/evolved into/merged with the SCP Foundation, and the GoI meant to focus on 17th to 19th-Century scenarios and SCPs that might be boring/easy to contain in modern times, but would have been much harder and required great cleverness back then.


First one is deliberately redundant

Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!

by RogetRoget, 21 Feb 2020 04:10
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