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maybe he makes the people around him more nihilistic? i don't really know, i just thought it was a cool idea.

a nihilistic eel by Dr GillmanDr Gillman, 26 Mar 2019 17:23

Sorry for late writing, I had no time to reply.

If her fiance sank in a submarine, then maybe this could be that exact submarine, complete with weapon damage and bodies? That way there's more of a connection, although even that doesn't seem sufficient.

That's OK, but the pennant number could be erased. I like the idea but I want to wait till someone more experienced one nswer me in this case.

It also feels like you're starting your own Little Misters series and this is meant as your foot in the door.

I don't intend to do this, rather make only two related SCP's. I don't know how could I do it although.
Thank you for the answer and I await the reply.

Announcing the return of Мясной цирк ("Meat Circus"), a classic Russian GoI, to the English wiki.

What is SCP-4642? See if you can work it out from some Containment Procedure snippets:

… a drainage system leading directly to the Site's incinerator. The hangar doors must remain welded shut …. decontamination showers … D-Class subjects should be naked for testing purposes.

No? Perhaps some early reviews?

I'll be damned if I wasn't uncomfortable while reading the Description … That was some great imagery. In addition, my reaction to the testing log could be described as "confused but very afraid."

Oh man, I, uh, really don't like Meat Circus stuff in general, but once I got past the yuck …

This article evoked a visceral anxiety in me and the interview made my arms tremble. It’s like if Stanley Kubrick had produced The Human Centipede.

Still confused? Better go read it yourself :D

Thank you for the critique I will consider changing the format to Serpent Hand GoI

Re: Tanuki by DrAkimotoDrAkimoto, 26 Mar 2019 17:20

How was it discovered? That's a good point and I should definitely do some revising right now. The metal panel was unnecessary I agree, So i'll just remove the panel so the screen is the first thing you see as you walk in the elevator.

Secondly, I included an explanation in the original concept that I didn't include rewriting it which is my mistake. The coordinates don't change for where you on are Earth what changes is the universe you're in. And because there are an infinite amount of universes you could move anywhere in the the universe by entering an identical reality to your own where the only difference is location of the place you where located originally. So you're not actually inputting coordinates

If I took more time to think and write for my thread on here you may have thought differently. I'll still continue to try and change it because I like the potential. I appreciate your critique also, I need to improve the concept.

Ok then, sorry for the missunderstanding. The SCP is the embryo with the 4155-1 inside, Its not embryo inseption. Secondly, I know, space shit is cool. That being said SCP-4155-1 is not going to be edgy mc evilson who wants everything dead, I intend for the scp to be a "good" one similar to SCP-343. Its will have strong powers, but not something who will destry, it will rather help the foundation.

Secondly, is located in the center and is the main light sourse of the middle, as you can see in images of the galaxy that the middle is extremely bright. I kinda had this concept similar to SCP-2399 in which a real life space thing is used and explained in the scp. And by large I meant to be ranging from 80-100 meters (havent decided).

Thirdly, the wings are something that would be used for when it hatches. Now im not completerly sure how it would fly with no oxygenor anything to move through, but if its not a option, its asthetic. I dont care, having a space dragon of light is cool as hell

Fourthly, your right, im missusing the word embryo. My egg termonology isnt great. So I looked it up and the word membrane would be a better word.

And finally, I dont know what to make people feel, but I have a story. Im thinking of somehow letting the creature communicated soon, maybe by hatching or fthrough whatever batshit crazy way. I can get somebody invested in a story, but I kinda get somebody invested in a feeliing if that makes any sense, bcause well im a new writter. And the chains will also come into context through the story of the creature, it was basically trapped there regenerating from its last fight. Its kinda maybe not so sure god, im working as I go.

Re: New Idea... YAY by ChritinChritin, 26 Mar 2019 17:10

WELP! Everyone hates it! back to the drawing board, it is!

Having commented elsewhere on some of my recent reads, I wanted to give a huge plug to "Something Wicked This Way Comes", which I finished a short time ago. It's not a perfect book, and the climax leaves something to be desired, but the writing is beautiful and artful, and it has a couple of brilliantly constructed set-pieces that really sing with tension. I want to write like Bradbury!

I'm currently reading Gilchrist by Christian Galacar - very King-like, with my limited experience for comparison, and a bit plodding and predictable, although the violence is queasily graphic. We'll see how the plot ramps up in the back half.

I'm also reading The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths - not far enough in to pass judgment yet, but I get the feeling that it might lack the courage of its convictions, and will go for shocks, rather than scares.

Enjoyable enough for a +1. I did struggle on the idea until I read the discussion, but I'm still unsure. I might check the declassified once that happens.

by EmperorOfTheCowsEmperorOfTheCows, 26 Mar 2019 17:02

This is close to being good, but definitely misses. Inproper formatting, a weak idea, and too many notes make this a -1 from me for now.

by Purpleious-AvatarPurpleious-Avatar, 26 Mar 2019 17:00

Second SCP idea

Tell me if this is reminiscent of another SCP, as the base concept is simple and could have been thought about before. Suggestions, advices and criticism is appreciated.
This bird by decorative skulldecorative skull, 26 Mar 2019 16:55

I took a couple of goes at Confederacy of Dunces, and even when I got into it, it never grabbed me in the way it does other people.

I am sorry that i didnt explain enough and created confusion, so here it goes.

its a computer that slowly imbues the user with the skills of any computer game they play?

Yes but it also includes videos and even pictures!

So if I play enough Halo, will I slowly become an 8ft super soldier? Will I also get the Master Chief's mental disorders?

If you spend enough time over halo yes you will.

Does the same extend to books? If I read Eragon on this computer, will I be able to use the story's magic words?

Because of nothing is observed except words, nothing would happen.

What if its a work computer and I just use it to look a spreadsheets all day?

It is not a work computer but if you use it for working nothing much would happen except faster improvement.

What if I binge watch cat videos for 12 hours straight?

Nothing much happens due to the length, but if we are talking about like weeks… you probably will turn one of them.

I added more details when responding to ResearcherPie, so that must be enough, i hope. If not i can type more. Thank you for your respond to my post.

Re: Net also plays. by clossysubserclossysubser, 26 Mar 2019 16:49

My SCP concept is a bed that when you lay on it causes you to slowly fall asleep. After that the bed absorbs your body into it and you will never be seen again. Direct skin contact must be made with the bed for it to impose it’s effects on you. I have made a far more detailed sandbox draft which is available upon request.

Sleep Tight! by Darkaris13Darkaris13, 26 Mar 2019 16:47

Let’s hope that CAD Roach doesn’t become a loss… I’m so sorry.

Re: Starting Post! by SmithdvanSmithdvan, 26 Mar 2019 16:44

Essentially, the event will be based off of the battle between the British Union of Fascists, and large amounts of communist opposition, set in Eastern London, known as the Battle of Cable Street.

While the original occurrence happened on October 4th, 1936, the event has been within repeat on the fourth day of every month since 1967. Each occurrence includes a variety of outcomes and events, often not adhering to how the original Cable Street protests went. For example, one occurrence could include the BUF successfully beating back the communist protestors and continuing their march, while another month will include the police attacking both the communist and fascist forces, while another month could see total bloodshed and devastation towards all sides involved.

Oddly enough, civilians witnessing the occurrences will pay no mind or attention to it unless directly affected, such as being hit with a projectile or a metropolitan officer attempting to strike or restrain them on suspicion of causing trouble.

If anybody has feedback on this idea, feel free to let me know what you think!

all righty then by FoxDash27FoxDash27, 26 Mar 2019 16:39

HA. The ending reminded me of an episode of Spongebob. The one where Squidward and Spongebob interrogate Mr. Krabs by destroying his stuff.

by PhilindigoPhilindigo, 26 Mar 2019 16:36

I suppose this could work……. ….. ….. …. … .… . . . . . .

by IPDarbyIPDarby, 26 Mar 2019 16:36
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