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A few of these I might actually make in the future, but consider these free for now.

A clone of Maria Jones trapped inside an abandoned bunker.

David Bowie's "Thin White Duke" persona, but it's actually a possessive entity from Algadda.

A tiny clockwork model of Site-19, run by tiny clockwork people who contain tiny clockwork anomalies.

Thank you very much for the critique and greenlights!

I know this is greenlighted already (which I am forever grateful), but I think this can still be improved through your critique and my revision. :)

Spreading negativity to get positivity

This is the first time I've had a jab at making an SCP article. It's missing a few test logs, but I want to see if someone else has thought up of something like this and to see if it is in fact a good idea… and if I will be able to pull it off. The idea is that it's an insect that walks upright, uses its exoskeleton after molting to make weapons to hunt prey and has a codex of honor while doing so. There is a plot that I have to finish, the first being a series a bad project director that leads to an interaction that almost kills the only specimen of the SCP in the Foundation's custody, who is then finally moved from the project and the special containment procedures are adjusted accordingly. I'm just worried that it may make the Foundation seem incompetent for letting something like that happen.

Anyhoo here's the link to the sandbox:

No, thank you for the critique! :D

Re: Hydroponic Gardening by Cregan StarkCregan Stark, 21 Jul 2019 00:42

So, I've been digging around this site for a while and am unable to find anything regarding "levels of equipment." I see security levels and personnel classes, but if my memory serves correctly, I thought I'd seen some references to equipment 'levels/classes' in an SCP report.

Am I just blind, misremembering something, or what?

Two things:

1) given its hostility, ability to spread, and sapience I thought the keter designation made sense.

2) the whole "it can speak for people without them noticing" would make more sense if there was a bit about it affecting the brain or atleast hearing of the subject to sort of "turn it off" when its vocalizing. Brain makes more sense to me as even without hearing one would still feel the vibrations and would have to engage with the fallout of telling people unknowingly to go fuck themselves

by Wraith1212 Wraith1212 , 21 Jul 2019 00:21

A safe-class object in the appearance of a shampoo bottle which, when squeezed by hand, will produce a viscous fluid reminiscent of shampoo from the nozzle. The properties of the fluid will vary depending on the current thoughts of the user. It can physically include what the user is thinking of in the composition of the liquid, it can elaborate on vague ideas or abstract concepts if it cannot produce the fluid as-is, or it can employ a combination of both when producing the fluid. The only constant between fluids is the viscosity. Wearing a layer of insulation (gloves or hazmat equipment) will not affect results, however, squeezing the bottle mechanically and/or remotely will yield no results.


  • Thinking of "gold flakes", the bottle will produce a fluid that has flakes of gold suspended in the fluid.
  • Thinking of "heat", the fluid produced may be spicy. Alternatively, a fluid that is physically hotter than room temperature may be produced.
  • Thinking of "redshift", the fluid produced may move away from observers at great speed, even if a chemical analysis can't explain why.

Other examples are available but will be omitted to keep the idea short. However, they can be provided on request. Further detail can also be provided on request. Criticism is encouraged.

Summoned via PM

Will critique within 24 hours. Should I fail to meet this deadline, you have my permission to send me a Wikidot PM and I will make the critique a priority. In the meantime, watch this space, as it will change.

Thank you for your patience.

Summoned via PM

Will critique within 24 hours. Should I fail to meet this deadline, you have my permission to send me a Wikidot PM and I will make the critique a priority. In the meantime, watch this space, as it will change.

Thank you for your patience.

This SCP's basic description is not highly interesting. However, the draft I have written really expands the idea into an interesting story. I believe what I've come up with fully will be worthy to be among the other SCPs.
Some of the anomalous traits of this SCP includes;

  • Ability to kill anyone it gives a command to no matter where they are
  • Ability to manifest anything it needs to to force it's targets into complying to the SCP's commands
  • Is sapient but is a combination of a multitude of mammals
  • Gains the knowledge of those it kills
  • Cannot be killed by conventional weapons

I believe you guys will find this SCP interesting and look forward to seeing your critiques.

Simon Says, "Die" by DrLawerenceStevensDrLawerenceStevens, 21 Jul 2019 00:04

The implied story is that someone went and built a machine designed to kill themselves and to remove them from the memories of loved ones. The machine works and so one day it just shows up and all that anyone (including the Foundation) knows is that sometimes it just starts screaming. Spoiler alert, someone got stuck inside it and died. I fully acknowledge similarities to the Red Knife but I think this is different enough to be acceptable.

It is a redraft of something I had gotten crit on from before the new greenlighting rules. A fully fleshed out draft can be found here: under the tab "the Screaming Machine"

I have begun fleshing out this SCP idea I have for a set of twins who share the ability to resurrect when one of them dies. The draw back being that only one of them can be alive at a time. They still age but show no signs of ever having gotten ill. Their life force seems to be shared and entangled, while the living twin is alive any injury, trauma or illness is instead inflicted on the dead body of the deceased twin. In order for the dead twin to resurrect it must lose a total mass equal to 99% of its total mass. My sandbox SCP is a little different but i feel a little overwhelmed not really sure where to take the idea.
More info in the link below

Eating lead isn’t an option with this gun. I love the concept and I love the turn it takes after the test logs.

by Nyctibius griseusNyctibius griseus, 20 Jul 2019 22:57

Hello everybody!

I've been floating around the site for about 6 months now and have finally gotten up the courage to make this account. I've been tossing around a couple of ideas in my head and wanted to see how they would do if released into the wide world.

This will be my first public creative writing project, and really the only one that doesn't have a grade attached to it.

I'm a bit nervous that my relative lack of experience on the website (I mean, some of the other people in this thread have been lurking for years) and my inexperience with creative writing in general might prove a high barrier. Are there any places I could go to learn more about writing on this website? Also, are there some places to learn formatting stuff (cross-links, changing text color, collapsables, etc.)?

Now, on a completely unrelated note, my favorite SCPs are extraterrestrial/sci-fi SCPs like 1548, 2821, and 2399.

And finally, my ten words: The Voruteut have broken through. Only the Sun protects us.

Scars last, tattoos fade. I thought the scar tests were incredible. How does the universe prevent us from proving a paradox? Human error.

by SirStaffordSirStafford, 20 Jul 2019 22:41

I'm all in.
I loved it, and I need to know more. This is the hook for what could be a very interesting canon. I would LOVE to get a look at any notes you have, and help write (just giving feedback, not actually changing your vision) the rest. Because I NEED MORE. Why is he invincible? Obviously something went wrong because of a decision the Foundation made. The O5s wouldn't help. BLAMMO, he's sent hurdling through time, and ends up somehow unable to die or be harmed. Or maybe the spiders did it? Whatever it is or was… I gotta know.

And to compliment the very BEST part of this SCP… "Retconned human error" is now my VERY FAVORITE form of the universe preventing a paradox. 'Oh, I lost that page.' 'Oops wrong arm.' Brilliant. Genius.

I do not post on discussions much, and I really only read them to find answers, but I am so much happier knowing you have more planned than if you had just spelled it out at the top of this thread. I'll be keeping an eye open for more from you.

You hooked me by SirStaffordSirStafford, 20 Jul 2019 22:39

I was just giving you my thoughts on your concept, I wasn't giving you constructive criticism.

I'm not a huge fan of this revised version; as an allegory it makes a lot of assumptions about what having this disease is like. I have no idea how accurate they are, but if you don't either, you probably shouldn't be writing something like this about it. Suggesting that everyone with (or around someone with) this disease reacts to it the same way emotionally seems too oversimplified to be tasteful.

I still think you should move away from a metaphorical depiction of the disease itself and just try to use the things about it that interest you as inspiration for a more original anomaly.

Re: Mechanical Zebra by fieldstonefieldstone, 20 Jul 2019 21:59
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