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SCP-5078 is a black wooden statue, in a abnormaly realistic human pose. It was found in ████ in the outback of Australia on █.█. in the year 1967. When seen directly by any idividual, it instantly transports their body into a pocket universe of its own. It cannot be entered at daytime. At night SCP-5078 will remain still and won't show any signs of life. At daytime SCP-5078 will become extremly hostile at any form of life, and will be able to move on it's own. SCP-5078's pocket universe according to the camera footage, is a concrete stairwell with 3 steps and a concrete platform.

Deleted at -20 and three votes.

Hey there, goob3rtgoob3rt. Welcome to the SCP Wiki!

Glad to see that after finding the site all those years ago, you're still interested in SCPs. If you like drawing and video games, I suggest you take a look at SCP-5045 as it includes both of those topics in a really cool and unique way. Seeing that you're interested in writing for the site, here are some resources that will help you out:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here.

I have an idea for an article about a teenage girl that was born in the facility.The reason why she's an scp is the fact she died before birth.After she was "born",her mom,a d class, died due to an scp(I'm not gonna be specific because I would like to let everyone theorize about it for now).She gets very violent tendencies,and occasionally she gets an ability that she can't control for a short amount of time.I'm planning on calling the scp Blood ghost,but if you have better ideas,feel free to let me know.

I've added some more information under the Elevator Pitch. Thanks for the input!

Beginning deletion vote at -12.

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Hey author, voters are not obligated to give critique on your work after you posted it. It was your job to get critique on your work before you posted via the Idea Critique Forum and the IRC Chats.

As for crit.

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Jr. Staff Site Crit by KaraKattKaraKatt, 08 Aug 2020 23:03

Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Genre (Optional): Drama, Thriller

Page Layout (Optional): Begins as a standard brief SCP article before switching to an investigation type sequence in which the story progresses via audio logs, video logs, email correspondence, etc., before a final anomalous event report concludes the narrative.

Elevator Pitch: A minor self reproducing temporal anomaly on Manitoulin Island, Canada in which a distorted news report from two years in the future repeatedly plays on the television network of a local village draws the attention of the SCP Foundation. An investigation into the origin of the transmission ensues.

Central Narrative: Following the discovery of the anomaly, a previsionary investigative task force comprised of agents from MTF Lambda-5 “White Rabbits”, MTF Epsilon-6 “Village Idiots” and specialists from the Department of External Affairs are deployed to spearhead the inquiry. Progress in the investigation is relayed in field reports recorded by a DEA senior agent and correspondence with various other departments. The context of the personal narrative is conveyed via civilian and personal documents procured by the task force, along with some interview logs and possibly other miscellaneous information sources.

Through this story structure, it is discovered that the temporal anomaly was actually a sort of spillover from a larger anomalous event that occurred over the nearby lake. Two years in the future, a novice teenage reality bender, seeking to avenge the death of a murdered brother, brings down a plane transporting the man whom which he believes to be the murderer into the nearby lake. The crash results in the death of the man and several others in the process. As the boy was inexperienced in localizing and manifesting his powers coherently, it bled into the surrounding areas, causing the initial temporal anomaly. Following the closure of the case, the reality bender discovers that his target was actually innocent, and the real killer walks. He goes on the run, the Foundation follows,and it is ruled in current day Foundation that they will wait to exercise containment efforts until the incident occurs (see hook/attention-grabber). The article is concluded by debriefing and an Ethics Committee memo, then a revised SCP article to wrap up.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: At the time of writing, the reality bender has not even manifested or discovered his powers, nor has his sister been killed. What is the ethical precedent for preemptively punishing or detaining him for this occurrence? Wouldn’t this risk a larger temporal anomaly? If nothing is done, however, many innocent people would die. Could the actions of the Foundation truly affect the course of history positively, or is meddling with the future simply a road to hell paved with good intentions on a much larger scale? Overall, the article is intended to be imbued with themes of responsibility, justice, and the human condition in the face of the impending future.

Additional Notes: Grabber isn’t as up to snuff as I would like it to be, particular critique in that area would be appreciated. Might also be pertinent to add here that this is my first concept I have submitted for greenlight.

Nope! Placeholder McDoctorate is an actual character, if you'll believe it

by TyumenTyumen, 08 Aug 2020 22:38

No problem! And yeah, I understand you wanting to make it mysterious etc., but the anomalous properties should be explained at least to some extent.

That's actually a lot better than what I had in mind! What I wanted to do was have the record sound like an actually complete mixed and mastered album to whoever listened, but when recorded and listened to through another medium, was just a mess of random sounds and instruments. I suppose the trope of something sounding like one thing to someone but being completely different in reality is a common one, so that's actually a great idea! Thank you so much!

Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Page Layout: have the standard containment procedures for an inanimate object with the addition that the original SCP is kept in a case that matches it’s exact dimensions so it can’t replicate.
For the description describe the cups dimensions properties and how it came into the foundations hands ect and include various tests such as if the duplicated SCP (SCP-XXXX-2) can also duplicate itself.

Elevator Pitch: An red solo cup that upon being placed on a surface and no longer in the owners line of site will duplicate with just under or over the same amount of water, that contains cyanide.

Hook/Attention Grabber: it’s almost Impossible to tell which is which and any unsuspecting person could fall victim to the potential SCP and even without the potential lethality it’s still an interesting and unique idea

thanks, i hate it


by KleptocracyNowKleptocracyNow, 08 Aug 2020 22:18

Thanks for replying! I understand what you are saying about the anomalous creature, it is an anomaly regardless of base appearance.

As for the the anomalous property I wanted to bury the lead because the story is a mystery but if you'll pardon the ten-dollar words, the anomalous property is hyperbolic probability manipulation that once triggered leads to a binary reality event for the observer, i.e. they are removed from existence. A variant Schrodinger cat.

Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Elevator Pitch: Video game avatar come to life

Central Narrative: Character's video game physics in real life

Hook/Attention-Grabber:Video game character with a voodoo doll effect

Additional Notes: Feedback and additional lore and ideas

Draft found here:

Hey! The first thing I see when looking at this is the sheer wall of text in the central narrative. These large walls of text don't fare well in SCP articles, as they are rather hard to read, so try to steer away from these if possible!

The object itself is cool, but I feel it would be more effective in a horror setting than an action setting. The idea of these bugs becoming something more and more "human" despite the Foundation's best efforts is scary, and so much could be done with that! Would they almost go through with their plans, but fail in a quick twist? Would their plans to overtake humanity work, and the SCP article be written and/or archived from their point of view?

The last thing I wanted to touch on was a bit about the flies going 223 meters per second if they were human sized. Why would they need to steal a plane if they would be able to go faster anyways? Would perhaps their morphology as a human-sized insect render them slower?

In the end, I see a concept here that could have so much done with it. At most, I see a horror article with elements of action, but not a full-on action article. If you do want to write an action story, though, I suggest a tale for you. As Flopmind says, action stories are hard to pull off in an SCP article. That doesn't mean they can't be done, that just means most concepts (including this one) just wouldn't fare so well in an action setting. I bid you well, and I hope to see more from this concept! :D

Re: Pests by lleapinllamaslleapinllamas, 08 Aug 2020 22:07

Hi!! yey there are!

An anomalous cat whose anomaly is triggered after being photographed or recorded.

I don't get the anomaly, maybe you can expand the anomalous effects a little bit more.

Hope this helps

TyumenTyumen 08 Aug 2020 21:56
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-5074

Oh, nice catch. I'll fix that, thanks!

by TyumenTyumen, 08 Aug 2020 21:56

I can certainly use this crit. Thanks for your time!

Re: ballsack zipper by dado by ZzuxonZzuxon, 08 Aug 2020 21:41

This is my first SCP ever written on this wiki, I would love to hear feedback on how I could improve on future articles from more experienced authors.

This is my first SCP by Terry MICTerry MIC, 08 Aug 2020 21:38
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