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I like your drawing style. Pretty neat :)

Re: Art I Guess >w> by TPS-GeronamTPS-Geronam, 28 May 2017 12:10

We need more brazilian skips.

Dr. Phobia Note: If you can kill a kitten, a butterfly or a cute little puppy.. You must die with a trident stuffed in the [CURSE REDACTED].

TL333sTL333s 28 May 2017 11:46
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-3212

Honestly doesn't do anything for me. Not good, not bad, just kind of gave a shrug at the end. Not sure what could be done better.

by TL333sTL333s, 28 May 2017 11:46
TL333sTL333s 28 May 2017 11:44
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-3038

Interesting. Reminded me of the guy with a solar system in his abdomen, but the psychological and temporal effects help it stand out. The final note doesn't add much beyond that line about what happened at the other site, though; a declaration that we don't need to detain the host doesn't work as a very strong punchline. Still, +1.

by TL333sTL333s, 28 May 2017 11:44

But what if you herd it into a room with a window? You can still be in another room and look into the room its in without trying to enter.

by Jack IkeJack Ike, 28 May 2017 11:13

SRAs aren't really well defined. Some people do think they're overpowered.

I think the answer is whatever works for your story. I could definitely see them preventing teleportation, but the logic works equally well the other way.

Every time I try to register in, I receive no passcode on my email.
It has been two weeks now. Just tried to register now.
I typed in a working e-mail address. I checked my Spam folder.

Re: DrMagnus by TheMikirogTheMikirog, 28 May 2017 10:45

Thanks for the advice. And yeah the wingspan is 113ft. Edit; Mentioning the wingspan made me calculate the length, so I guess I'm decreasing it, A LOT.

Re: SCP-3841; Feedbacks please by aliff01aliff01, 28 May 2017 10:43

I am proud to be upvote #100. This was fucking glorious.

100+ by Dr Lobster EmperorDr Lobster Emperor, 28 May 2017 10:42

A persistent meme. An idea which slowly inhabits the thoughts of the subject, slowly taking over all thoughts, from a small passing idea, to accidentally writing the idea down, to unconsciously talking about the subject, before the entire psyche is corrupted, then takes sentience in subjects mind. Perhaps the idea should be a word? Or an action? Or both? Should it be disturbing or tame? Should the sentient entity that inhabits the subject be evil and violent? Or just insane? Maybe the original form takes shape as a written sentence on a page? Or maybe an insignificant act of street vandalism? Maybe a word that cannot be read, seen in passing, heard, accidentally said, or even thought, or the effect begins… I am fond of the idea of the word graffitied on a wall by an unknown person. Maybe the subject dies after being possessed by the meme? Maybe it's a form of sentient hysteria, and there is no physical effects on the subjects.

C-takeC-take 28 May 2017 10:00
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-1362

Hello,My name is C-take.
I'm member in SCP Foundation JP-Branch.

I was attracted by this article.
Therefore I just try to translate this article into Japanese.
Can you tell me the source of SCP-1362's image(photo)?

by C-takeC-take, 28 May 2017 10:00
PalaiosPalaios 28 May 2017 09:25
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-1643

I'm glad you like it. The teleportation effect was intended to bring the effect closer into line with the biblical descriptions of babel (the were made to speak different languages and scattered across the world). I stuck closer to the myth than I really needed to as I wildly underestimated how wildly known the story is.

Also if you like this concept of divinity checkout Terry Pratchet's small gods, or P.C. Hodgel's god stalk.

by PalaiosPalaios, 28 May 2017 09:25

Tanzanite423, I noticed that the tab you mentioned is no longer present in the draft. Are you still pursuing the draft, or have dropped it?

Re: Non-Euclidean Euclid by MrWrongMrWrong, 28 May 2017 09:16

Keeping with my initial post, I will only review the first article mentioned here.

A Dromedary camel with an elaborate camel saddle with a satchel seemingly surgically attached to its back.

Stick to full sentences, i.e. "SCP-XXXX is a…" You did it in the other draft, so I see no reason why it is styled as such here.

The draft does not seem to be ready for all-out review. It is more of a collection of information and story beats, than the full draft. Do note that when you post in the Drafts Forum, the assumption is that you are presenting something that can be passed off as an end product.

You are not clear on the anomaly. You should make it clear and obvious as to what the anomaly is, as soon as possible. While you did state the anomalous trait, it took way to long to get there and you risk losing the reader's attention.

Regarding what I gather from the backstory, it needs a better way of presentation. Currently, it is just a very direct layout of information told to readers. Consider how you can show said information instead, and make it interesting to be read.

Re: Feedback on Drafts by MrWrongMrWrong, 28 May 2017 09:13

it has one starring 2662 and totlieghsoft called "skeeve online"

by trewqbecktrewqbeck, 28 May 2017 09:09

So, this is my first official scip, tell me if it's garbage, tell me if it's not.

by Tanzanite423Tanzanite423, 28 May 2017 09:05

NexusHub, please keep to one draft per thread. It is easier to manage, as opposed to handling multiple drafts per thread. Reviewers might get confused over the critique made along the way, and you have the burden of keeping up with which draft is being referred to.


~🏵~Flower Power~🏵~

As in Prometheus and Bob, from the old KaBlam! cartoons?

… I'll get me coat.

by The Cool BeanThe Cool Bean, 28 May 2017 08:25
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