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Site Announcements and Proposals
Announce new pages, talk about site policy, and interact with new site members.
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Announce new pages and site-wide events here. Authors, please use the collective SCP, Tale, GOI Entry, and Update threads for new works.
1203434by RedemptionInitiativeRedemptionInitiative
28 Jun 2017 22:27Jump!
What can we do to improve the site? Ask any questions you may have regarding site structure and policy.
5155817by Sergeant StarkSergeant Stark
28 Jun 2017 23:27Jump!
New to the site? Introduce yourself and meet other site members here.
460520027by AzleronAzleron
28 Jun 2017 23:39Jump!
General Discussion
General forum discussion regarding interests, projects, and so on.
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General Discussion
57437614by Agent MacLeodAgent MacLeod
28 Jun 2017 23:01Jump!
General talk about things you play, or things you do, does not have to be SCP related. Includes SCP mods and Conventions you may go to!
2824297by The_RaffThe_Raff
28 Jun 2017 21:13Jump!
TV, Movies, Books and other noninteractive media, including creepypasta!
4036737by NaxinDNaxinD
28 Jun 2017 23:38Jump!
A place where fan projects, art, and other stuff can be shown off or pimped, as needed.
69311429by ShaggydredlocksShaggydredlocks
28 Jun 2017 21:45Jump!
SCP Universe
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Discussion of things relating to both the SCP objects and the "universe" of the Foundation as a whole.
109716347by Commander SnivyloverCommander Snivylover
28 Jun 2017 15:10Jump!
Writing Help
Get help with developing, writing, and editing your mainsite works!
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Got questions about your soon-to-be mainlist tale or SCP? Want to run your draft past the veterans? Post here.
1294774673by bittermixinbittermixin
29 Jun 2017 00:09Jump!
Bounce your ideas off the community here.
622641090by dankaardankaar
28 Jun 2017 21:19Jump!
Doing background research to use real-life knowledge to make in-universe articles sound professional.
94833by LeveritasLeveritas
28 Jun 2017 12:41Jump!
If you've got questions about the sandbox, chat, formatting (wiki syntax/coding), or anything that involves the writing process and/or something you're currently writing, post here.
15699097by taylor_itkintaylor_itkin
28 Jun 2017 19:38Jump!
Per Page Discussions
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This category groups discussions related to particular pages within this site.
7079211408by LordSpyLordSpy
29 Jun 2017 00:00Jump!
The place where old threads go to di- Err... Go to... the farm. Upstate. WITH LOTS OF FIELDS FOR THEM TO RUN THROUGH AND RABBITS TO CHASE.
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This forum is Archived and Locked.
1161496by (account deleted)
10 Jun 2017 00:29Jump!
This Forum is Archived and Locked.
25515952by ZynZyn
27 Jun 2017 04:20Jump!
The Forum is Archived and Locked.
4831599by SilberescherSilberescher
14 Jun 2017 06:12Jump!
This Forum is Archived and Locked.
59470by Doctor MurdenDoctor Murden
25 Jan 2014 23:03Jump!

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