Featured Tale Archive II - 101 through 200

This archive displays the second listing of 100 SCP articles that have been featured on the site's front page.

106. Are We Gentrified Yet? by Uranium Empire [contest prize feature, requested by Uncle Nicolini]

  • Look, you have a show coming up, right? Let me loan you my private collection for one, and for two, U of SoHo loves the place.

105. Learning by Captain Cain

  • So two men rode east across the desert, one on horseback, one on camel, hoping to find themselves dressed in colored silks on the other side.

104. Traffic Resumes by ObserverSeptember

  • "Oh, and one more thing. If they smile, you're fucked."

103. SCP-001-D by stormbreath

  • "You didn't hear? SCP-001 is dead."

102. CASE HATE RED by qntm

  • On the morning of the day that వ arrives, while he is brushing his teeth, a tiny black slug falls out of the corner of his eye into the hotel sink.

101. letters to my future self by AthosNetwork

  • On 2014/04/30, a series of notes written on paper scraps were recovered from PoI-████'s temporary holding cell.
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