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78. Last Meetings by Jacob Conwell

  • As he placed the last of his possessions in a box, an elderly man with a walnut cane gave one last look around the room.

77. Hypervelocity by A Random Day

  • There's at least ten million dollars worth of cash, bonds, stocks, jewels, spices, spells, and tech inside. And in thirty minutes, it'll all be hers. Or her soul will be part of the security system.

76. Where Have You Been All My Life by qntm

  • This door, her bedroom door, can't be opened silently. It creaks like hell, so if she goes through it she'll have to be ready to draw attention.

75. Stop going in circles by Tuomey Tombstone

  • "If it's not a prison, why can't I fucking leave?"

74. The Battle of the Toys: The Breakroom Routing by Sad Xiao

  • For the last hour, he had been creating Lego Space Marines and assorted vehicles, and adding them into the large city that the staff of Site-19 have established using SCP-387.

73. His Name by CirclesAndSquares

  • His mouth was slick with a thin film that tasted like peppermint and batteries. His sinuses felt greasy and his eyes felt cold and small.
  • Amnestics.

72. Document Alpha-Zeta-2 by Aeish

  • Item appears to be some form of diary, however as the possibility of it actually being sourced from [REDACTED] are unlikely, it is kept on record as a hoax.

71. Funerals are Fun by WrongJohnSilver

  • My brother Ross died a week ago in a freak accident involving a slow loris. Turns out, they're related to monkeys, and poisonous. Who knew?

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