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70. Four Seconds, Low Pitched by ksaid

  • All in all, Jackson Sloth Memorial High School had sixty-seven unique siren codes for different types of emergencies, ranging from a low-pitched four second siren for a rain of live fish, to a medium-pitched three-and-a-half second siren for a rain of dead fish.

69. Re: Promotion by OverThinking

  • Anyway, congratulations on your promotion. I can tell you the job isn’t easy. SCP-2422 may not be the MOST difficult bunch to deal with, but some of them can be quite the handful some of the time.

68. Sparks of Creativity by Freudian

  • LOUD oh wow LOUD IS A THING I never realised that sound could be so BIG AND SO HUGE and the pictures are changing! Everything is FASTER and there's flashing, this is great!

67. Rough Beast by zaratustra

  • The last two humans on Earth bowed.

66. Reach's Blueprint Folder by Dr Reach

  • A hub for all the blueprints created as fanwork of both SCP articles and relatively novel takes on popular Foundation fiction concepts, such as the Humanoid Containment Cell or the Secure Item Locker.

65. Tales of the Foundation Force Five by CryogenChaos

  • The following are excerpts from the comic book series "The Foundation Force Five". Investigations into the publishing company, "Super Comics Publications", are ongoing…

64. SCUTTLE by pxdnbluesoul

  • "I don't want to be alarmist or anything, but should I be making plans? I've never heard of SCUTTLE acting up."

63. Learning The Alphabet Hub by TwistedGears, with pieces by djkaktus and Kalinin

  • "Finn, do you think our lives would make for an interesting story?"

62. Wanderer Symbols by toadking07

  • Secured during raid on known █████████ ████ camp on ██/██/████.
  • For full list of confiscated artifacts, see parent document, classification "Nest Breaker."

61. Footsteps by Anborough

  • "Nobody expected me to live up to your example, I was never anything compared to you. But I'm better than you. Nobody knows though. Don't you love the irony? Is that irony? I hope it is."

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