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19. Captain Kirby's Proposal, Or Something [Shark Punching Center] by Captain Kirby

  • Molecular fist-shaped proteins deliver rapid strikes to all selachian surfaces they touch. Optimal for area-of-effect pugilizing.

18. Anderson Robotics' Installation Guide: Your New Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton! [Anderson Robotics] by OthellotheCat

  • Ever felt like skydiving? This exoskeleton can withstand a fall from 15,000 feet, so you won't need to worry about a parachute!

17. Track 4: You and Me [The Fifth Church/Fifthist Church] by djkaktus, recording by Oboebandgeek99

  • You and me, Should take a trip across the galaxy, And feel the waves of our own energy…

16. 'The Dark Web' (DKE79/O2RG5/4JLW6) [Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.] by DrChandra

  • It is operated by a shell company in order to avoid any uncouth associations our customers may have against the Marshall, Carter and Dark brand.

15. 'Schulman-NY Programmable Mnestic Device' (AC34D/NC77Q/95DCS) [Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.] by WrongJohnSilver and Cyantreuse [contest prize feature]

  • I developed a device which is capable of altering memory recall, and even reversing memory expungement entirely.

14. UIU File: 2014-014 [Unusual Incidents Unit] by LordStonefish and 9Volt

  • Summary: Entity resembles a metaphysical shadow of a basking shark, and possesses a conceptuvorous diet.

13. P'rantortiz the Vile [The Black Queen] by Shaggydredlocks

  • We know that holy water has an adverse effect on it, but it isn't exactly enough to disable the demon completely.

12. The Lord of Endowments [Serpent's Hand] by sirpudding

  • At sometime in the 10th century C.E. the Lord of Endowments manifested somewhere in the Atlas Mountains. It uplifted its herald and began to attract a small group of followers.

11. 'Unicorn Horn' (HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT) [Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.] by GreenWolf

  • It is my recommendation that we use the breeding pairs provided to us by Prometheus Labs to establish a steady supply of unicorn horn, which can then be sold as a contraceptive, curative, and assassination tool.

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