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39. A Cosmic Cycle [Arcadia] by LillithHollyMisato [Featured by Truc Linh]

  • From: Sebastian Brown, Chief Archivist
  • Subject: Project Cosmos

38. Critter Profile: Bakugo! [Wilson's Wildlife Solutions] by Ihp [Featured by Truc Linh]

  • Bakugo is a bit standoffish, but he'll eagerly eat an apple out of your hand— or a nightmare out of your brain.

37. Deer And The Overseers [Deer College] by stormbreath [Featured by The Pighead, Marcelles_Raynes, and Pedagon]

  • In honor of the termination of the old Council, I'll be looking at the history of Deer's interactions with them…

36. Single: untitled [The Fifth Church/Fifthist Church] by Oboebandgeek99 [Featured by KaraKatt and Dr Gallium]

  • While this is inspired by true things(ish) I've embellished the story.

35. UIU File: 2001-023 [Unusual Incidents Unit] by Calibri Bold [Featured by Truc Linh, Claudioss23, and Dr Wile]

  • Entity is an immense disembodied eyeball, capable of independent motion and sapient thought.

34. My Head Is On Fire And I'm (Not) Ok [Oneiroi Collective] by Captain Kirby [Featured by JakdragonX, TheMightyMcB, and r0se]

  • <_twenty:> i dont think ive had anything that resembles a head in decades.

33. Critter Profile: ZARGOTH, DESTROYER OF DIMENSIONS! [Wilson's Wildlife Solutions] by DarkStuff and Ellie3 [Featured by TheMightyMcB and Naveil]


32. Goliath, Circa 1505 [Medicean Academy of Occult Arts] by RockTeethMothEyes [Featured by TheMightyMcB]

  • Goliath is incredibly durable, proving itself to be near impossible to chip or break, save for the severance of its head.

31. GRANT REQUEST FOR A REPLACEMENT KEYBOARD BECAUSE THE CAPS LOCK ON THIS ONE IS BROKEN [Prometheus Labs] by Weryllium [Featured by cybersqyd, EzekierAltavista, and Nagiros]

  • -Sent from my iPhone

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