Experiment Log 914 - Hub
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helo my naym is jeff
jeff the mug cat
i take over the hub today

Site-19 Facility 23 Dossier

Basic Information

Founded: twelv december nynteen eyti eyt

Location: secret, america

Cover Story: secret goverment wear house

Function: scp-914(mommy) keeping and doing science, anomalomalomalomalomalous1 item storyge

Size: zero poynt too five scare kilometers


  • Facility Director: hackit
  • Director of Research: verytas
  • Director of Containment: norwud
  • Security Chief: senna
  • Administrative Personnel: eytin
  • Maintenance Personnel: tweni won
  • Research Personnel: tweni sevn
  • D-Class Personnel: tweni five
  • Other: for

Facility Plan


map (click it)

Additional Information

this facyleety have a lot of history.
i erased it because its useless.

big file of frends! take a look!


How to Contribute
make me frends!

scp-914 by Dr GearsDr Gears

this is mommy!

sand box

write here and veritas take a look.

guide by LeveritasLeveritas

this is a file about how to write better.

this was jeff
signing off


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