Experiment Log 3636
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All researchers working with SCP-3636 should be aware of the current blacklist and take into consideration the lyrical content of any song they select. As SCP-3636 has shown the ability to select songs on its own, research is focused on gaining a better understanding of SCP-3636.

Test Log Format:
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Test #
Song Selected:
SCP-3636-1 Event:

Test 13
Song Selected: "Have a Cigar" by Pink Floyd
SCP-3636-1 Event: D-71829 suddenly grows shoulder length hair and a thick mustache, his clothing also changes to a loosely fitting t-shirt and blue denim jeans. A yet to be identified man in a grey suit appearing to be in his mid-sixties offers D-71829 a cigar and a bottle of champagne. D-71829 accepts them and the two begin having an unheard conversation for the duration of the song. During the final notes of the song, the man in the grey suit turns into a black Fender Stratocaster commonly used by David Gilmour in live performances. 
Effects: D-71829 immediately began playing the guitar. D-71829 previously displayed no musical talent or interest. D-71829 now speaks exclusively in a British accent despite being of Chilean origin.
Notes: D-71829 has been held for further testing and is allowed usage of the guitar during daytime hours. D-71829 has repeatedly expressed concern that the Foundation will attempt to commercialize his music.

Test 14
Song Selected: "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool
SCP-3636-1 Event: D-94812 experiences a seemingly painful coughing fit for the entirety of the song, only stopping to cheer when the song asks the listener to "make some noise". At roughly two minutes into the song, a paper cone "party hat" materializes on D-94812's head and party balloons materialize from the ceiling. 
Effects: All attempts to remove the party hat from D-94812 have failed, including surgical methods. D-94812 claims to feel incredibly healthy", and was confirmed to be in fine health after a standard checkup despite a previous checkup showing damage to several organs due to years of drug and alcohol abuse. D-94812 previously exhibited violent behavior and a rude and angry demeanor which has not been noted since the conclusion of the test. D-94812 began treating Foundation personnel with respect, and expressed a desire to "compile the ultimate party playlist" for future Foundation events.  
Notes: Approval to create playlist granted. D-94812's termination has been suspended for further testing on possible long term psychological and medical benefits of SCP-3636. 

Test 15
Song Selected: "Regulate" by Warren G ft. Nate Dogg
SCP-3636-1 Event: A man appearing to be a young Warren G is seen being robbed by four African American men in modern day Long Beach, California. A man similar in appearance to Nate Dogg arrives and kills the four men. The two then find a group of women and enter a motel as the song ends.
Effects: Four corpses were discovered on an abandoned lot in Long Beach. All four men were previously convicted for gang-related crimes. Women in the video were identified and remembered the events in the video. Class-B Amnestics are administered to the women involved.
Notes: One woman who appeared in the video was confirmed to be pregnant, with DNA tests showing Nate Dogg as the father despite his death six years prior to the test. Warren G claimed no memory of the event after an interview.

Test 16 
Song Selected: "Deacon Blues" by Steely Dan
SCP-3636-1 Event: During the lyric "This is the day of the expanding man" D-19223 is transported into an open field outside of Malibu, California. D-19223 expands to the size of a football field. The University of Alabama Crimson Tide and a seemingly fictional team referred to as the Malibu University Deacon Blues appear on top of D-19223 and begin to play a game of football. The Crimson Tide win the game 34-7 and all players for the Deacon Blues disappear.
Effects:  D-19223 died of multiple organ failure immediately after the song ended. University of Alabama team was found confused, searching for help 3 miles from D-19233's corpse.
Notes: Amnestics distributed to all members of the University of Alabama football team as well as nearby residents who witnessed the event. D-19223's body was destroyed and a story about a brush fire used as a cover.

Test 17
Song Selected: "You Suffer" by Napalm Death
SCP-3636-1 Event: A close up of D-17891's face as they experience extreme pain immediately after selecting the song.
Effects: D-17891 confirmed that she felt extreme pain for the song's full 1.316 second duration that immediately subsided afterwards.
Notes: No long term anomalous effects apparent after a standard Foundation medical examination of D-17891.

Test 18
Song Selected: "Ladies Night" by Kool and the Gang
SCP-3636-1 Event: SCP-3636 disappears from containment at the same time as 4 female researchers at Site 17.
Effects: SCP-3636 found with the missing researchers in a pink 1979 Chrsyler Cordoba parked outside of a club in Jersey City, New Jersey. SCP-3636 was discovered in the driver's seat of the car wearing a long silver dress with mascara and lipstick applied to its touch screen. All 4 researchers were in similar attire and noticeably intoxicated. The researchers claimed to have "partied all night" with SCP-3636.
Notes: SCP-3636 added song to favorites. Further research is suggested to see if SCP-3636 continues to treat itself as female in future tests.

Test 19
Song Selected: "Pisces" by Jinjer
SCP-3636-1 Event: D-1879 is turned into an adult Northern Pike in SCP-3636's containment cell, after briefly laying on the floor she appears in Ukraine's Dnieper river. She swims for the duration of the song before being caught by a fisherman who proceeds to cook and eat the fish during the final minute of the song.
Effects: No traces of D-1879 could be found. Fisherman depicted in video was eventually located and displayed no anomalous effects.
Notes: Researchers have suggested that SCP-3636 may have difficulties understanding complex metaphors.

Test 20
Song Selected: "The Camera Eye" by Rush
SCP-3636-1 Event: D-12281's eyes are transformed into camera lenses. D-12281's veins and arteries temporarily become visible under her skin and are slowly replaced with what appear to be XLR cables. D-12281's fingers change in shape and coloration to appear similar to standard cardioid microphones. At roughly 3 minutes in the song, D-12281 appears in midtown Manhattan and begins to spy on citizens, apparently unseen. Later in the song, D-12281's location changes to a busy area of downtown London.
Effects: D-11281 was eventually located in London and returned to Foundation custody. Amnestics distributed to affected neighborhood as a cautionary measure.
Notes: Surgical analysis of D-11281 is pending.

Test 21
Song Selected: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" by Nightwish
SCP-3636-1 Event: No effects independently observed. Video starts with a microscopic shot of what seems to be a colony of primordial organisms before quickly zooming out, and presumably accelerating time, to reveal a seabed populated by numerous species of arthropod-analogues, similar to those associated with Earth's Cambrian Period. View then zooms to many areas of an undocumented Earth-like planet, occasionally accelerating time to showcase the evolution of life on the world. Video ends showing a tribe of hominid-analogues, focusing on one which repeatedly strikes two rocks together, seemingly to observe the resultant sparks.
Effects: No persistent effects can be observed at this time. However, the continued existence of the planet shown in the video or life on it cannot be ruled out.
Notes: "This one isn't quite blacklisted, but further testing with it will require O5 approval." -Dr. Sutherland

Test 22
Song Selected: Song of Beren and Lúthien, by Aragorn, son of Arathorn.
SCP-3636-1 Event: The "Live Music Video" banner did not appear. Video depicted an individual resembling actor Viggo Mortensen singing acapella as a serenade to an unknown, non-human individual, apparently female. The first individual is noted to have grey eyes and a more athletic build than Mortenson, and the female has pointed ears and is very pale. At the end of the video, the pair share a kiss.
Effects: Following playback, search engines recorded a spike in searches for "Beren and Lúthien", and other terms related to The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth. Beyond this, no effects have been observed.

Test 23
Song Selected: 4'22, by John Cage
SCP-3636-1 Event: Screen displayed static for duration of the song.
Effects: All sound within test chamber was nullified.
Notes: So I guess it doesn't really qualify as instrumental? Maybe SCP-3636 "imagined" it being performed by a singer? -Dr. N█████

Test 24
Song Selected: Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons
SCP-3636-1 Event: Video displays several stuffed animals owned by E███ F██████ becoming sentient and fighting each other for the duraration of the video. Objects are occasionally "killed," until there is one object left, which appears to be a girraffe.
Effects: E███ F██████ developed a fear of stuffed animals. In addition, the girraffe retained it's sentience, and has been classified as D-G1 D-22821.
Notes: I think it's lonely. -Dr. Ochre.

Test 25
Song Selected: Pumped Up Kicks, by Foster The People
SCP 3636-1 Event: The video shows a school shooting occurring at the [REDACTED] high school in Ogdensburg, N█.
Effects: A school shooting did indeed occur at the aforementioned school for the duration of the song, after which all damage was repaired. Security personnel from Site-374 near Ottawa, Canada arrived on the scene posing as police officers and administered Class-C amnesiacs to all witnesses.
Notes: Song added to blacklist.
"We can't have school shootings occurring now, can we? - Dr. K

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