Ethics Committee Observer Orientation, Pt. II
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"After this orientation, you will have a short session with a few Observers who can give you more hands-on information, as well as answer the more… informal questions you may have. Instructions on how to connect to Ethics Committee's secure instant relay chat and the correct room for this session are included in the required reading you were given at the beginning of the orientation. All of you have already been assigned login information."

"Welcome to Ethics Committee, and the Observers."

* Connecting…
* Connected, logging you in…
* This username is protected. Please input your credentials, or use another username.
* <USERSERV> IDENTIFY **********
* Checking credentials…
* Credentials accepted, please wait…
* Connected
* Welcome to Ethics Committee secure instant relay chat network! You are running version 4.8.11.
* Joining rooms… (#ecinit)
* Connected
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