A Comprehensive List of Esoteric Classes
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The Foundation's primary directive is to order the anomalous by designating instances with four-digit numbers and methods of containment. One of the tools used to accomplish this is the Object Class, a process of parsing anomalies into groups based on the difficulty of containment. Full dossiers are available for archivists wishing to familiarize themselves.

Despite this, some anomalies warrant entirely new object classes beyond the standard Safe, Euclid, and Keter, and sometimes even beyond Thaumiel, Neutralized, and Explained. These Esoteric Classes are exceedingly rare, and many are not viable for standard documentation due to their unique and specialized nature. The following lists serve as a collection of these classes.

A full list of all documents cataloged under "esoteric-class" is available here. Additionally, archivists may wish to read the following recommended materials regarding anomaly classification:

Established Esoteric Classes

The following object classes were created by the Foundation to describe the containment of certain abnormal anomalies, or the anomalies themselves.


Some archivists have determined that the anomalies assigned to them do not entirely conform to standard containment classes. As such, several subclass systems have been created but rarely implemented.

System Classes

The following classes do not describe the anomaly they are assigned, but are rather a placeholder or the result of a system error.

Anomalous Esoteric Classes

The following classes are, generally, the results of infectious memetic agents and infohazards; personnel lacking a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of 16.3 or greater are advised to read at their own risk.

Foreign Esoteric Classes

The Foundation is an international organization that employs researchers and archivists from almost every nation. The following are object classes created by non-English affiliates of the Foundation which are considered suitable for proper documentation.4

Theoretical Esoteric Classes

The following classes have not been officially implemented in any form of documentation, but have been tentatively proposed.

This post, created by u/Cooldude97, was incredibly helpful in the compiling of this list. Additional resources include this Amino page by <° ~Die~ °>, this follow-up chart of object classes by u/AntazarOfQwurz, the KaktusKontainer list by YossiLeinerYossiLeiner, SCP ILLUSTRATED’s video on the subject, and this forum post.

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