Ekronak's Archive (With Commentary!)
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Ekronak wearing his monk costume (he loves that monk costume)

Name: S████ A██████

Age: Probably younger than you.

Sex: Wizard Male

Number of articles published: Nah.

Number of tales published: About three.

Lurker: Yes, yes. Very much.

Description: Ekronak is a young male, approximately 5 feet and 10 inches tall, with tall bushy hair, a chubby body, and super fucking smart super shitting stupid super dicking slow great at studying (best you got?). He can often be found either shutting himself indoors, having a great time outdoors, or watching "What If the Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device", because he loves all that Warhammer 40k shit. He writes and puts tales up on the wiki approximately every year, give or take, and has never, to date, gotten a successfully SCP draft or idea up. He isn't bitter (he's totally bitter) about any of that shit. Some people would hope that he finally puts up tales at a semi-regular basis (what, the incredibly fast once-a-year schedule wasn't regular enough for you?), but that hope is probably in vain.

Addendum 1: Ekronak is scared of butterflies. And heights. And declining. And ghosts, kinda. He's scared of a lot of things.

Addendum 2: Ekronak wholly depends on creative bursts to write and stuff, which run out wayyyyy too early. Probably the reason why he can only crank out about 1k words each time, and the reason why he can only put out ONE SHORT TALE A YEAR. Yeah, he's not bitter. Not bitter at all.

My Tales:

The Rat's Nest

Page Date of Publishing Link
Another Lost Legacy 2017-11-12 http://www.scp-wiki.net/another-lost-legacy
The Last Meeting 2018-8-19 http://www.scp-wiki.net/the-last-meeting

The Last Monsters (series)

Page Date of Publishing Link
As the Last Monster On Earth Goes to Hell 2019-12-4 http://www.scp-wiki.net/as-the-last-monster-on-earth-goes-to-hell

My Commentaries on Each One:

Another Lost Legacy

The first one I successfully put up on the site after… how many failed attempts? I've tried to get many, many skips off the ground before this, and absolutely no tales. Then I finally got my first page up in one hour of writing and a few days of critiquing. In the form of my first tale draft. Goddamnit.

This one basically morphed from when I wanted to do exposition on a little concept from the Rat's Nest, and ended up with a little bit of gore and destruction tacked on in the end. Gotta be honest, still cringe when I read this, but ehhhhhhhhh…

The Last Meeting

(Placeholder, too lazy to write one now)

As the Last Monster Goes to Hell

(Placeholder, too lazy to write one now)

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