Dr. September's Personnel Profile

Name: Dr. September

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Observer Euclid-level SCP Overseer.

Summary: Dr. September joined the Foundation in 2012 to help secure SCP objects for Foundation use. Never use U.S. measurements in his presence, or he will descend upon you like a wild animal. Ask him about his vape pen SCPs.

Also, he likes all of his mainlist SCPs to end in 5, for some reason.

SCPs Being Overseen By Dr. September:

SCP-1365 - Bike Justice
SCP-1395 - Cave Apparition1
SCP-1485 - Normality
SCP-1565 - Martian Turtles
SCP-1665 - 8 Across, 18 Across
SCP-1775 - Retail Specters
SCP-1835 - Rupertian Zeppelins
SCP-1925 - Dearest Caroline
SCP-1955 - Spleen Eaters From Venus!
SCP-2135 - 91st Street Station [Featured]
SCP-2265 - Dinner with Andrew
SCP-2305 - great ideas that are TOTALY USELESS (lulz)
SCP-2475 - Culinary Deduction2
SCP-2685 - Thinking in Abstraction
SCP-3085 - Stuck in 2007
SCP-3185 - The Public Domain Protection Service
SCP-3905 - Soda Can Island4
SCP-3975 - Cloud Chasing5


SCPs Revoked From the Oversight of Dr. September:

SCP-1715 - Online Friend (original author; rewritten by PeppersGhost)
SCP-1756 - At the Movies (original author; rewritten by Smapti)
SCP-2950-J - THE POSTCARD (original author; rewritten by daveyoufool)

Reports Authored by Dr. September:

ANTI-PUBLIC Interference (PDPS)

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