Dr. Mew’s Personnel File
Dr. Mew

Name: Dr. Mew

Security Clearance: Level 3

Occupation: Site Psychologist

Location: God knows where

Hi I’m Mew and I write shit I’m not very good at it

I’ve got really good concepts tho I’ve found, I just can’t execute for SHIT

So, here is some of my shit


SCP-4208 -- Naomi's Sweetery - Poor Naomi

SCP-4412 -- What Could Have Been? - Attila the PunAttila the Pun is the co-author! They offered to co-author it with me when I was desperate to fix up the original piece of shit hogging the spot. So, we fixed it up together! Attila and I both worked very hard and I think we’ve got a nice piece there!

SCP-4688 -- Manipulative Bike Helmets - Me and not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull ‘s Collab-Con SCP. Team Birb Birb Team.

SCP-4846 -- Friendly Fossils - WAAAAAY different from the original concept, but I like this one a lot more! There was a point where it was sitting as a kinda mediocre draft with little critique, so I pmed ZynZyn to review it. After talking back and forth a few times, she offered to co-author it and implement her ideas. What we have now is a nice, wholesome SCP about dinosaur fossils!

SCP-4939 -- The Man on the Moon - So this was something I'd been working on for a bit. I'm not too happy with the final result, but I wanted to get it out there. I strongly relate to Dr. Rivas, as I struggle with OCD myself.

SCP-4482 -- Last Call - Me and Tanhony’s collab! I think it’s pretty cool! It’s not a concept for everyone, but I still like how it turned out!

SCP-4787 -- The Things he Wished He'd Known - Just something I whipped up in a night, and edited and posted the next day. Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini helped a bunch with the formatting and prose, so thanks a bunch to him!

SCP-4795 -- Feathered F(r)iends - This was a collab between me and Lt FlopsLt Flops. Phoenix was very pleasant to work with. This was super fun to write! I actually wrote good dialogue and I’m so happy! ;; Team Bird Best Team!

SCP-4542 -- Bug Bunnies - Me and DrAkimotoDrAkimoto purged through many ideas, but eventually this is what we went with! The journals went through three revisions, but it was worth it aha. This was fun to write, and Akimoto was great to work with!

Tales and Other

Art Hub - I draw

Eric’s Journal - Me and not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull ‘s collab-con tale!

Her Final Thoughts - A short tale about Laura Gates, Researcher Kevin Gates sister, ‘s final moments. It didn’t do incredible, but I had fun writing it.

Scarlett's Letters - Thing I wrote up in under 24 hours cause I didn't want this character from a failed scp to die; I like the turnout.

The Mew-ltiverse - I made a fucking sandbox site check it out if you’d like

My favourite SCP types and concepts to read and write -

  • Insects
  • Technology
  • Internet/Online
  • Television/music
  • Phenomenons
  • Infohazards
  • Memetics
  • Math (despite the fact I’m abysmal at it)
  • Concepts that shouldn’t work but do (i.e. 503 yes I know that one’s old)
  • GOI’s (especially GAW, Eric, WWS, And Wondertainment)
  • Ideas that provoke emotion (i.e. 3999)
  • Weird shit ,, well written weird shit(again, 3999)
  • Wholesome shit ,, just that stuff that fills my heart (i.e. 2295)
  • Historically based SCPs (especially ones with themes of any time period from the 20th century)

If you’ve got any ideas that fit these criteria that you need reviewing/potential greenlighting feel free to shoot me a pm or catch me on IRC

IRC Name(s) -

Site 19 - Mew-ltiverse

The Critters - Mew/Mewltiverse

I have two different hook ups for those chats if you wanna know how the hell that happened feel free to ask I think I know it’s a funny story

Here are my reoccurring/hoping to have reoccurred characters profiles. I’ve been wanting to make them for a while, and I finally got off my ass and did it, aha.

Feel free to use any of them in a tale or SCP! Just let me know in advance, please. :)

Name: Researcher Oliver Crane

Clearance Level: Level 4

Specialties: Technology expert, visually triggered cognitohazards, vocal exploration leader

Location: Primarily Site 288, occasionally other sites when needed.

History: Researcher Crane was born completely blind, which was proven useful in research of visually activated cognitohazards. Before joining the Foundation, Researcher Crane had a job as a Computer & Information Research Scientist. He excelled at the job, knowing far more about coding and software engineering then required. Researcher Crane developed his own touch to hear technology in the form of a glove and Bluetooth earpiece to aid him around daily life.

Researcher Crane grew up in Airdrie, Scotland. He lacked an ideal upbringing, undergoing severe emotional and physical abuse by his father daily. The trauma of his past affects him to this day, as he developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Researcher Crane has biweekly therapy sessions with Dr. Johnson.

Researcher Crane is often accompanied by Dr. Stanley Diamond when off-site, due to the two’s friendship.

And a short list of my not as prominent characters (that I hope to use more!):

Junior Researcher Quinn Whyte: A depressed relatively new foundation employee who hates his job and hopes to do something great one day.

Dr. Marvin Waters: Researcher Whyte's boss. A generally nice guy who mostly does office work due to a permanent leg injury.

Dr. Dolly Dickson: A sweet southern girl who specializes in phenomena. Star Villa's girlfriend.

Dr. Mark Good: Pathologist, took Senior Researcher McNamara's position after he retired.

Dr. April Perry: Likes to handle the dirty work on the field, works with Dr. Good and Dr. Nelly Flowers.

Dr. Nelly Flowers/ "Dr. Flo": Works with stubborn sapient anomalies and dangerous sapient anomalies. Dating Dr. Jessica Thompson.

Dr. Jessica Thompson: Does a lot of desk work and interviews. Dating Dr. Nelly Flowers.

Dr. Agent Epon Scarlett: An egotistical, delusional reality bender. The Foundation is still trying to catch him.

Prof. Elizabeth Wilbert: Lead of Scarlett's case, felt with his bullshit before he was fired, and still deals with it now.

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