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You made it to my author page! I, DarkStuffDarkStuff, have created three successful articles at some point. By the time you are reading this, I might have made more. This author page is probably gonna be very bare for a while, and you're gonna have to just wait for me to put more effort into it. Yay!

Get It? DarkStuff? Dr. K. Stuff? Ha Ha I'm So Funny Ha Ha

Where getting a sandbox felt like an accomplishment, getting an author's page feels far, far greater. It feels honorific. I have accomplished something, it says to me. I am slowly becoming a more involved member of this community. Where I might not be the quickest of writers, when I write I put my heart and soul into it. And this has earned me an author's page. It feels so damn good.

I am much more of a brainstormer than I am a writer though, and thus I have ideas far faster than I have works of art to showcase them. I mean, having been a member since 2012, I have made only three articles. To be fair, I had only tried at the very beginning of that and had only started to get back into the swing of things maybe… late last year? Sorry, thinking in terms of school years. Early last year (2016 for those reading from the future!). Writing out something I am comfortable with uploading takes a long time. Why is this?

Well, flow. Mostly flow. When I write, it is stream of consciousness. If I have to stop and think about what I am going to write in the middle of a roll, it halts all progress. I need my flow. Thus, first drafts are (since I don't want to stop writing when I start) very much what I call "barfing out an idea". Barfing is when you just need to get this down and you don't have time to stop and think about the small things, like clinical tone for example. Flow is very much required when I am writing. This also makes going back and revising it very tedious for me, there is no constant flow when finding small thinks to revise. Thus, I have massive author blindness. I will start reading it and my brain goes back to flow mode, where I lose all critical thinking.

This is why critiquing is important to me. I don't think a cold post of mine could ever, ever work. Not with all the experience in the world. That's just not how my brain works. My pieces go through a lot of critiquing before they get posted, always in excess of a month. That combined with the fact that I have a life outside of this site (not saying other people don't) makes it take forever for me to crank out a work of mine. You would think this would mean that when they do get posted they're phenomenal, but that's not the case, mostly because in the grand scheme of things I am a fairly inexperienced writer.

Writing tales is, admittedly, easier for me. At the time of writing, I have not written a tale, but stream of consciousness works far better for those. Doesn't mean they don't need revising, but I like how the flow goes. If my writing is flowing, probably means the reader is flowing as well. Still fine tuning this, but you know, practice makes (near) perfect.

Anyways, I will probably have another section in here somewhere where I talk more about myself. I think I am an interesting individual. In fact, everyone is. Every single person on this planet is interesting and unique and worth knowing. However, I know myself the best, so it is easiest for me to write about me. Also, on the off chance that anyone is interested, they can go peek into my personality (if you haven't already gathered some stuff by the way I talk and write).

Enjoy My Author's Page!!
And hopefully my articles too!

I Will One Day Write a Character as Complex as I Know Myself to Be

I hope that doesn't sound… entitled. But I know myself like I know nobody else, and my other goal outside of the writing community is to know someone else to the degree that I know myself. I guess that would have to be a romantic partner, wouldn't it. Hmm.

For serious though, I want to be documented so that people may know me and share feelings with me and be chummy with me and yaddah yaddah yaddah, also I have a fear of being forgotten and having a permanent record of my experiences would be a lot of closure to me, and the best place I could think of putting this where people may read it and converse with me about it is on a respected writing site. You don't have to read if you don't want, and the more I think about it the more selfish and entitled it sounds, it really isn't. I just want to connect with the community and my fellow humans.

Diary / Journal / Blag Type Thing (Rarely Updated)


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Failed Ideas & Lessons Learned

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Anti-Foundation Crystals


The Throats of the Earth Hum & Howl

I brainstorm way more than I write. I will put summaries of ideas here, and when I start working on an idea I will put it in my sandbox in far deeper detail. If you like one of these ideas and wanna see it done, like, I dunno, you can… ask me… to write it yourself… I don't remember where I was going with this but I wanted a fatter beginning paragraph because a short one would look bad. Anyways…

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Or how I keep my ego up in times of low self-esteem.

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