Doctor Jekeled's File
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Group picture of SCP staff, circa 18██. Instigator of scam is believed to be in upper left corner.

Name: Doctor Jekeled

Security Clearence: None.

Occupation: Non-existent

Site of Operations: Confined to Site-19.

Profile: Doctor Jekeled was a paycheck scam created by a certain Junior Researcher ████████ in an attempt to augment his salary. This scam was only discovered after ███ years, when an inquisitive file clerk noticed that the sums being payed had not been touched for over ███ years, and amounted to over ██████████ euros. Despite a discontinuation of payment to his account, reports utilizing his name continue to be disseminated throughout the Foundation through an unknown means. Attempts to locate and eliminate the source of these reports have been unsuccessful.

Addendum 01: What are you people talking about? I'm not a paycheck scam! Where do you think these reports have been coming from in the past 5 decades? -Dr. Jekeled

If you're not a paycheck scam, then why are you saying the exact same things that a paycheck scam would say? -Dr. ██████

Reports bearing Doctor Jekeled's Name:

Unofficial reports bearing Dr. Jekeled's Name:

C'vie la es…

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