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Come on, do you really need a cutesy author page, Dune? Who even are you?

…you got me

Here are my articles, listed in order of creation. If you like one enough to make art, please let me know, and I'll post it below. It's generally a good idea to start reading my articles beginning with 5466. Everything before that really isn't worth it, trust me.

SCP-5035 [[The Freedman]]
Director, that thing is sitting in stasis thinking about all of the different ways it can kill us.

SCP-5061 [[A Toast To Elizabeth Connors, A Brilliant Actress]]
You know, I was getting used to not having strange men stare at me in my dressing room.

SCP-5076 [[Every Planet We Reach Is Dead]]
Sentient monkeys appear out of the sky and now fifteen-hundred people are missing? Oh, ape-man, you don't know the Foundation.

SCP-5093 [[Damnatio Memoriae]]
I guess you're D-Class too, doc.

SCP-5992 [[The Dionysus Pit]]
What exactly are we containing here?

SCP-5269 [[Exile]]
I don't have to think about her anymore.

SCP-5466 [[Death of the Creator]]
Contained. Imperfect. Finished. Complete

SCP-5104 [[Urgent Massage]]
'five red shapes'

SCP-5818 [[Frankenstein Burger King]]
Did I request thee, Maker, from my meat to mold me burger? Did I solicit thee from the kitchen to promote me?

Prepare to be vanquished by DEATH KNIFE, bitches!
- a rewrite of an article by OpMateo8080OpMateo8080

SCP-5391 [[Anastasis]]
The Veil has been lifted. This is now a war on all fronts.


SCP-5992- The Dionysus Pit

by CuriousReaderCuriousReader

SCP-5466- Death of the Creator

by etoisleetoisle

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