Document 2641-Solidão
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Document 2641-Solidão

Discovery: On September 6th, 1976, agents of the National Indian Foundation of Brazil (FUNAI) filed a report with the Brazilian government regarding territorial disputes between two indigenous populations in the Javari Valley. The populations in question were the Isolados do Medio Javari and one previously undiscovered group. A routine flyby of the area on September 10th determined that there was indeed another indigenous group in the region, approximately 15 km to the north-west of the nearby FUNAI base camp.

Upon formal contact, the tribe was designated Isolados do Rio Branquinho, and referred to themselves as the Emparelhada. The tribe was noted to be particularly defensive of their territory but was otherwise not overly violent for a tribe of its size. As the tribe exhibited no anomalous activity, Foundation personnel were not made aware of its existence.

In 2003, Foundation sleeper agents within FUNAI discovered an anomaly associated with the Emparelhada tribe. After an investigation, the anomaly was designated SCP-2641, while the tribe was designated GoI-2641.

The following information further pertains to the discovery of GoI-2641:

  • The group often imposes their beliefs and ways of life on outsiders. Because of this, FUNAI vaccination efforts proved difficult but were eventually successful.
  • FUNAI census data confirmed that the group was composed of approximately 1,500 individuals upon discovery. Current estimates place the tribe's size at 2,000 individuals. No other group in the region has maintained a population in that size range.
  • The group routinely participates in the ritual impalement of undesirable individuals1, which is adequate in ensuring population control.

Prior to Foundation intervention, the latest documented study of GoI-2641 was done under Researcher [DATA LOST]2, a FUNAI operative. The study of the tribe was detailed in his personal journal. No other documents related to [DATA LOST] or his studies have been found at this time.

Journal Logs: The following two accounts are excerpts from the transcribed version of [DATA LOST]'s personal journal. They have been translated from Portuguese. Extraneous journal entries have been omitted.

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