Doctor Doctor Doctor
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"I told them not to do it," Bright remarked offhandedly, over his shoulder.

"I know you did," Bright replied, sweeping up the debris. It helped that he had a couple of extra pairs of hands to get the big chunks cleaned up. It also helped that the extra pairs of hands were his. Even the old man him was helping out.

"But they wouldn't listen to me!" Bright continued, poking away at his computer. Chat program activated, webcam on, who's messaging… Oh, it's Bright, big surprise. He continues the rant, even as he smiles at the camera. It's a familiar face, one world reknowned- But of course, these days, all faces are known throughout the world.

Bright leans on his broom, staring at the lovely young him on the webcam. "Holy shit. Are we Hugh Jackman?" Bright whaps himself upside the head, lightly, and gestures at the debris. "I'm not going to get this cleaned up if I don't help!"

Bright spins in his chair to peer at the screen more intently. "So, have to know… How's the down under?"

"Hung like a freaking Wolverine," Bright replies, and the other hims trade a glance.

"Is that… a good thing?" He asks, in unison.

"The best thing." Hugh Bright replies, distracted by something below the camera.

Bright sighs to himself. How can he be like that, at a time like this? Well, it is him. Oh, another webcam invitation, this time for the Oval Office! How nice. "Hello Bright, you on to look at this too?"

Bright shakes his head sadly. "I told them, you know I did." "I know you did, I was there, I told them too!" "But, now I'm here." "And everywhere." "Really everywhere?" "Really. Everywhere. Even the communities that were shut off from everyone." "Well, I don't believe that." Bright, heavily bearded, with a straw hat, leans over into the picture. "Believe it. Fuck turning the other cheek."

Bright, however, waves it all away. "Why did they have to do it? You'd think they'd listen, just once."

Nodding in agreement, Bright absently cradles the Red Phone. "Does anything good EVER come from mixing two SCPs? NO!"

"And three SCPs just makes it three times as bad!" chimes in the Bright in the rafters. Oh, I know we didn't mention him before, but someone had to get the lights running.

Slinking up from the basement, Bright pauses to adjust his girth. It's still kind of hard to speak with a forked tongue, but damn it, he will do it! "But, five of them! Really, five of them? And they didn't think this would happen?"

Bright sighs, all together, and speaks, in unison with himself. "I told them."

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