Personal Diary of Dr. Julius L██████s
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Diary Entry 573-1:

In my research with the Foundation, I have found that the official log is rarely the place to input personal observations. Therefore, I am logging this diary in an attempt to keep my own ideas readily available to myself.
SCP-573 is a flute, capable of lulling and entrancing animals and children. While entranced, subjects will do anything the flute player requests of them, without limit. So far, testing has been done solely on animals, without any negative consequences. Senior Staff has given me approval to move the testing up to children.

I will be testing six children, all aged eight years old, three boys, three girls. One of each will be tested in mental and physical assignments, with the final two children acting as a baseline study, being put into a trance without any outside stimulus.

Current Test Subjects:
Cindy, Female, Physical
Tom, Male, Physical
Mariah, Female, Mental
Stewart, Male, Mental
Relanna, Female, Base
Sam, Male, Base

Diary Entry 573-2:

Met with the children today, everything went well. The kids are, well, kids, alternatively monsters and angels as they wish. Seeing as SCP-573 is capable of keeping the children in line, I have been informed that I will have no assistance in these tests, and that even the children's nominal caretakers will be leaving for other duties while they are in my care. Due to this unfortunate circumstance, I will be handling the children as one group, instead of in separate chambers as I had hoped.

The children were rowdy when first dropped off, but I had them sit in their chairs, and proceeded to play SCP-573 for ten minutes. At the first notes, the children immediately relaxed, all tension leaving their bodies. I instructed Tom and Cindy through a series of basic maneuvers, which they accomplished with ease. I then led Stewart and Mariah through some basic math and recitals, which they picked up with ease. This should be my easiest project yet.

Diary Entry 573-5:

The testing continues apace. Today I had the physical children dress in work out clothes, and sent them through some tumbling. A close examination of the children proves that their physical attractiveness has increased drastically under the influence of SCP-573.

Diary Entry 573-7:

I couldn't help myself today. Watching these children, knowing that they would remember nothing from their time entranced, having such control, watching them tease me. They're always teasing, teasing, teasing, winking at me, rubbing against me, saying things, such things these children say. I had to, I had to show them how much pleasure they gave me. Such lovely little bodies, such lovely children. They enjoyed watching me, I could tell by the smiles.

Diary Entry 573-9:

Those little brats. They've been faking not remembering, I know it! When I came into the room today, they were all talking to each other. Cindy was holding her fingers two inches apart, and laughing about it. I overheard Tom say that even his was bigger than that. But they paid for it, oh yes. None of those monsters can lay claim to being pure anymore. Acted like they didn't know what had happened, but they knew. I could tell they were sorry for making fun of me, but they deserved everything they got.

Diary Entry 573-13:

It doesn't matter what I do to them, they keep teasing me, keep talking about me. These rancid little beasts think they're better than me? They think they can talk about a learned doctor behind his back without him knowing? Oh, these children are in for it, and not just the little things I've been doing. No more burns and cuts, oh no, these children will pay for their insolence!

Note: On ██/██/████, Security responded to an alarm called in by one Dolores Trai, a Site 63 caregiver. Upon arriving at room 301, Security discovered Dr. L██████ cavorting amidst the remains of his young charges, covered in their blood, laughing and claiming that he'd 'shown those little brats.' Such instability being previously undocumented in Dr. L██████, we are forced to assume such feelings came from SCP-573, a fact corroborated by the remains found at the SCP's discovery. As of now, further human testing on SCP-573 is denied. -O5-6

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