Diana’s spectacular (not really) personnel file
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Diana’s Spectacular (not really) Art hub



SCP-4319 (Aka the pink monstrosity)



Ella's Sickly Sweets


My sandbox hub 1, see what Diana's working on

My second sandbox hub, see more of what Diana's working on. If by any chance you see any unfinished draft you'd like to collab with me on, go ahead and ask! I'm always open to collabing, especially if the concept has been sitting there unfinished.

DISCLAIMER: I feel the need to state once again that I DO NOT condone or agree with the views expressed by JGT. It's simply a commentary. They're horrible people, the only character's you're supposed to like is like maybe Jess cause she's super brainwashed, but idk hate her too. I 100% am not transphobic in any way, I am very supportive of the trans community. I do not agree with how JGT views women AT ALL. I don't EVER want anyone to think I agree with these horrible views. They're villains, and meant to be taken as such. I myself am very girly, clearly not in this way, but I tend to like to take things I like and see the opposite end of it. I like to step outside the boundaries, some people don't. I completely understand that, trust me. Nothing caused this, just my anxiety. I never meant for this to become a GoI, it just happened. I love you all and stay safe out there!

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