Diana’s spectacular (not really) personnel file
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Item#: SCP-Berry

Object Class: Lesbian

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Berry is to be contained in an average bedroom. She is also not to be writing author pages for she is terrible at it and not creative. As long as Diana has water and vaseline, she probably won’t complain.

Description: SCP-Berry is a homosexual female in her late teens. Her anomaly manifests in her ability to be really fucking sensitive. What she creates is often inspired by her feelings and/or view on the world. She enjoys looking at things differently, and looking at things in a unique perspective. Well she thinks it’s unique. It’s not lol.

SCP-Berry is actually a researcher, but her author page anomalously manifests in the form of a fake SCP document.

SCP-Berry is very girly. She wears skirts, dresses, and flower crowns. One crown of which she made herself. It is unknown how it was put together. her mom totally did not glue it together because SCP-Berry hates hot glue. Despite this, SCP-Berry has a love for horror and weird things. Horror in an interesting use is her favorite. Her favorite GoI is Dr-Wondertainment, which is where the rumor of a tattoo reading "Diana Berry, from Little Misters ® by Dr. Wondertainment" outside her left thigh came from. SCP-Berry does not actually have this tattoo yet. This line was just for the fun of the article.

SCP-Berry has created an author page after specifically being instructed not to by her anxiety.

The following documents were found in SCP-Berry’s containment cell.

Diana’s Spectacular (not really) Art hub



JGT Site theme This is a theme for my GoI. It still needs some tweaks, so if you’re a coding genius lemme know lmao. I made it with the help of RounderhouseRounderhouse. Edit: so I’ve heard people have been coming to them about the theme. They didn’t make it guys, they just helped me polish it. If you have any questions about the style or colors or such chosen in it, please message me, not them.

SCP-4319 (Aka the pink monstrosity )

Article Translations:
(aka articles of mine that have had translations)

JustGirlyThings Chinese translation -This was translated by Chinese user PricPric with the help of a few others. Translated in just a day, can you believe that? Also if I'm understanding correctly, JustGirlyThings is called PureMaidenNet in their translation. Gotta say, I love.

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