Desk of Junior Designer S. Yvonne
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Iconography Division

Materials recovered from the desk of Junior Designer S. Yvonne:

Materials recovered from Junior Designer S. Yvonne's extranarrative space:

To-do list:

- Avian Division
- Eta-77 ("Spheres Within Spheres")
- Zeta-66 ("Guardian Angels")
- JTF Delta-3 ("Organic Free Trade")
- Department of Miscommunications
- Internal Tribunal Department
- Department of Ecology and Sustainable Development
- The Department of Psychodentistry
- Department of Pataphysical Optics and Noospheric Imaging
- Department of Sciences
- Decommissioning Department
- Shoot the Moons Software
- Jackson and Sons Esq.
- Bluesky TelecomTM
- Antimemetics Division ???
- Project Thaumiel

- Pay back chief Sonia C. the 10 bucks I borrowed.
- Ask Head of Design for a raise.

New logos might be available upon request, contact S. Yvonne at EstrellaYoshteEstrellaYoshte.
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