Crow's Notes and "To Do List"

Things to do:

Write up:

  • "Bloody Valentines". (flowers with needles)
  • "Attention Whore" (A creature that feeds off of being the centre of attention, growing larger as it gets more.)
  • "The Symbol" (a marking that is remarkable normal looking, but has whatever way it's drawn warps the very fabric of space and time, and the properties of the things it's on.)
  • "Ironskin" SCP-275 (Some really pissed off chick who's almost completely indestructible.) Dammit, I still have to properly finish off this one.
  • "The Flesh Tree" (This one's gonna be fun to write!)
  • "Grow Your Own Castle" (Done)
  • "Ol' Red" (Done)
  • A rolling stone.
  • A short story involving SCP-718.
  • That Mole Rat/Pandora's Box/SCP-110 collab I'm doing with Dr. Gears.
  • Finish that short story Of Able.
  • Do up a zombie style short story regarding the excavation incident.

General things to do.

  • A new section about… things. It'll be interesting, but I gotta talk with the other Admins just how we'd go about doing it. (Done)
  • Probably add to this new section…
  • Do some sketches for the new picture section.
  • Find out how to install a beats counter onto the site, so everyone has a common time to set their internet watches to and meet up and whatever. (Can't find an embeddable program that'll do it)
  • Explore all SCP, add or subtract to their rating and add a little comment as to why I've done so. (Everyone else! You can do this too!)
  • Acknowledge how awesome Dante is. I see what you did there…. And I'm coming to get you.
  • Dr Steel Eh… No. I know it was you Bright… I'll have to get you too. So, I guess I have to set up a new list….
  • Make an assistant. (//Done. Finally)
  • Get Dr. Kondraki some coffee, ASAP Thanks, I wanted to make the list longer.

Crow's List of People to Kill

  • Dr. Dantensen - With a spoon. Why? Because I like spoons. Because they're round. Like the Moon…. (obscure reference)
  • Dr. Bright - With a mechanical dildo capable of penetrating titanium. He'll love it.
  • Dr. Kondraki - Lowered into a steaming vat of hot coffee, the really good kind made from cat poo.

Note: You've got a whole vat, and you can't be bothered to get me a single cup? Man's best friend my ass. -Dr. Kondraki
Note: Fine, fine, I not going to kill you. But say please next time. I'm not a damn servant. -Prof. Crow
Note: Thanks a lot Crow! Got me out of that damn monkey body. You're a real pal. -Dr. Bright
Note: I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or not… Best just to ignore it. -Prof. Crow


21st - 30th November 2008
1st - 12th December 2008
13th - 23rd December 2008
24th December 2008 - 14th January 2009


In all my years working here, there have been few things which have irritated me. Cause me physical harm yes, cause me undue stress yes, cause me innumerable amount of mental distress yes, but few things have just… irritated me.

Time travel is one of them.

I went to bed on the fifteenth of January year two thousand and nine at one thirty a.m. I woke up on February eighteenth at nine twenty six a.m. of the same year. I hadn't moved, I had only nine hours of sleep, and to me nothing had happened.

Then after a slightly confused day amidst the many cries of "I thought you were dead!?" (among other things I might add), I discover that I had been missing for the past month and three days. In that time, Sophia had completely taken over my duties (though she had halted all of my personal experiments), and was trying her utmost to relocate me, while keeping my disappearance form the higher ups.

Apparently, [DATA REDACTED] leaving me to sleep in a small self contained bubble of [DATA EXPUNGED] and making at least [DATA EXPUNGED] which was eventually ruptured by [DATA EXPUNGED] and sending back to this phase of space and time.

Needless to say I was… slightly irritated to say the least.



They've had me in quarantine for nearly the past week, observing me and running tests to see if they can find any sort of strange abnormalities with my physiology, my behavior, my anything. If I have one more hand shoved up my neither regions, or am forced to look at one more bloody ink blot, I'm going to flip out and go rabid.

They say they'll stop the quarantine soon, and Sophia says the higher ups still haven't caught onto anything. I suppose I'm lucky in that count. Normally the only time they quarantine something is when it's too dead to be of any sort of immediate security hazard.

Still, I guess I can see where they're coming from. If it were my decision, I'd probably force a quarantine too, and probably for longer. At least they had the decency to give me my clothes, my PDA and someone to dictate to.


I'm still here.

I'm still here and I hate it.

Day in, day out, it's the same thing. Get up, eat, exercise, then simple observation until lunch, then more observation until dinner, then lights out.

I'm not allowed anything other than the things I already have, and even then, I only got those because Sophia felt bad for me. I'm only allowed to use them every day for an hour at most, otherwise they're also in observational storage.

All this wasted time.

All this wasted time that I could have been doing something constructive, something useful, something interesting, but no, I'm stuck here because of a wry twist of fate, forcing me into this monotonous hell.

They keep telling me I'll be let out soon.




Finally, they've seen fit to release me. Finally.

I almost thought I was going to die in there. Still, it almost seems strange to be out and about again. But I do appreciate being back in my own quarters, my own clothes and my beloved walker back by my side.

Sophia has taken good care of the facility while I was gone. I think I might actually leave that to her, while I keep to my experiments. She seems to enjoy it a great deal. Suits her analytical mind.

All of my personal experiments are still waiting for me, with the exception of the 040 test logs. They simply haven't posted their findings yet, stating that they needed my approval first, so I'll have to pore through those at the first chance I get. I'm interested in the progress she may have made.

Still, there is a good deal of work to be done and I am more than ready enough to take it on. After all, I have to make up for lost time, don't I?

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