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Contest Archive

Contest Name Host Winning Entry Winning Author
The Great Short Story Contest Archives Dr. Rights Varied Varied
Gears Birthday Contest 2009 Dr. Gears Opportunity Knocks tunedtoadeadchannel
SCP-1000 Contest '11 SCP Administration SCP-1000 thedeadlymoose
Halloween Contest '12 TroyL Treats Dr. Gears
Canon Contest '13 TroyL Unfounded DrClef, Fantem, Photosynthetic, & Pig_Catapult
Five Questions Contest '13 Pt. 1 Dr. Mann Iteration 0 FortuneFavorsBold
" " Playing God Rikks
" " Children of Doubt Roget
" " A Slumber Did My Spirit Steal Dmatix
" " Bugs Giant Enemy Spycrab
Time Contest '13 Drewbear And the Winner is... Smapti
SCP-2000 Contest '13 SCP Administration SCP-2000 FortuneFavorsBold
Under-Appreciated Contest '14 CryogenChaos Exit History FortuneFavorsBold
" " Exploded Diagram of a Young Woman Chubert
Groups of Interest Contest '14 TroyL Serpent's Hand thedeadlymoose, Dexanote, Vivax, & Zyn
Dystopia Contest '14 Reject Mission Statement Dr. Reach
Reimagining Contest '15 Moose & TroyL The Lucky Dinosaur Sophia Light
Short Works Contest '15 Sophia Light ●●|●●●●●|●●|● LurkD
Mobile Task Force Contest '16 Decibelles & TroyL Team Basic LurkD, djkaktus, Roget, Doctor Cimmerian
April Fools Crack Fiction Contest '16 TroyL Gears is totally not a robot, guys! Dr Solo
" " The Minions© day at the scp Randomini
" " It's Not Pronounced Like the Thesaurus, Dammit! Kestin
" " SCP the Anime, part 4 (Gears/Iceberg, Clef/Kondraki, Rights/Light, Kain, monkey!Bright) MrWrong
" " Orgy Five Counsel 9: XXXK End of Virginity Scenario TyGently
" " My Loever, the Dog: The Incredibly True Story of Kain Pathos Crow Zmax15
D-Class Contest '16 Decibelles & Dexanote SCP-2439 Jack Ike
" " SCP-2669 Kalinin
" " History Humanmale
History Contest '17 Roget SCP-2624
Now Hollow Fires Burn Out To Black And Lights Are Guttering Low
Doctor Cimmerian
SCP-3000 Contest '17 SCP Administration SCP-3000 A Random Day | djkaktus | Joreth
Social Media Art Contest Internet Outreach Team Varied Varied
72 Hour Jam Contest ProcyonLotor and ARD Varied Rimple
Doomsday Contest ProcyonLotor and ARD Team Clever Gentlemen Weryllium, CadaverCommander, Modern_Erasmus, fieldstone
SCP-4000 Contest '18 SCP Administration Taboo PeppersGhost
Halloween Contest '18 Dexanote MTF Sigma-5 "Pumpkin Punchers" Rounderhouse
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