Containment Specialist Jeff Ray's Personnel Dossier

Containment Specialist Jeff Ray, recovering from surgery after the successful containment of SCP-████

Full Name: Jefferey Jebadiah Jacques Ray

Status: Containment Specialist

Security Clearance: Level 2

History: Jeff Ray has an apparent masters degree in civil engineering and a bachelor degree in computer science. Was recruited by the Foundation by way of civilian lottery. Prior to employment with the Foundation, he was employed by an entity known as "Lars' Burger Sack.1" His fellow personnel has noted Mr. Ray to have an extremely juvenile sense of humor and to frequently use profanities in his everyday speech. Mr. Ray has been reprimanded at least 14 times for such behavior.

Aside from his behavior, Mr. Ray is an extremely generic and unnoteworthy member of Foundation personnel. Despite this, he had won best of show in the Site ██ Talent Show for his impersonations of humanoid anomalies in containment.

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