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Capture was successful
Despite that against our efforts to obtain
From here it becomes quite stressful
For to keep is much harder than to gain

Often the dangers are not apparent
Until we start searching for its production
The path to see the truth inherent
Is crossed many times with destruction

Not all are kept against their will
Some we cannot even hold
That danger, how long is it until
It chooses not to be controlled

Test their powers and their strength
Are they Safes, Euclids, or Keters
Find their dimensions, height, width, and length
Write it down on sheets, in meters

Ask for answers we are lacking
Of course, getting them is rare
Whether because it is attacking
Or it simply doesn't care

Inside some are kept under control
Within cage, tank, or room
Others are not held in; those we patrol
To keep the ignorant from their doom

Never let it leave
If it should escape
We must hastily retrieve
And fix the holes left agape

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