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Pure Originals

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15 Mar 2018 02:15
Rating +401 Notes March 2018 #2; most Offset pages (65)
Published 15 Mar 2018 02:15 Format screw? Oh yeah
Summary A multiple choice story in which you, ████ ████████, a disgraced researcher, must discover what SCP-3939 really is.
Quote "I quit." he tells you. "I fucking quit. I'm done here. I'm done with you. I'm done with 3939. I'm done with the Foundation. I'm done with fuckers like you getting to Class 4. You'll make a great O5 someday, you know that? Fuck you. Fuck you, ████."
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15 Apr 2018 22:31
Page SCP-3211 Title There Is No Canon
Rating +224 Notes 2nd longest article (char count); 2nd highest rated Declassification
Published 15 Apr 2018 22:31 Format screw? Hella
Summary Hidden behind your phone or computer screen, you're usually safe from antimemetic SCPs.
But 3211? No no no. 3211 is different.
Quote By proceeding to read this document you acknowledge and accept that you are about to be exposed to an anomalous effect.
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