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You are nothing.

You are an affront to Him. You stand in His presence, daily, yet you are unclean. You are covered in the rust and corrosion of a filthy life, and you come crawling to Him, expecting absolution.

In His eyes, you are a monster, filthy, organic, unclean. As you are. You are a sack of components that shall fail, an affront to Him, and he knows, as he knows all the misplaced components, yet he refrains from disposing of you! Only by His grace are you saved, only by His infinite wisdom and kindness are you kept from being consigned to the Eternal Scrap Heap, where All broken components go! Only by His grace are you mended, only by His grace are you picked up and saved.


As you are covered in this, the holy oil, the blood that He sacrificed to protect us, thus are you cleaned and purified in His eyes.


As the match is applied, so is your past extinguished.


As you burn, so art thine imperfections burnt out of thou.


Before, you were broken. Now, you are whole.

Amen. Praise be The Broken God.

As the Broken God has fixed you, so you shalt mend Him. As the Broken God has cleaned you, so shalt you clean Him.

Amen. The Broken God shall rise again.

By our Faith may He be reborn.

Rise, Brother Slate. Rise as a member of the Church of the Broken God.


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