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Name: D█████ T████

Operator Tag: Bluesoul

Security Clearance Level: 4

Duties: Network engineer (current), junior database administrator (current), Social Media Misinformation Unit (current), GOI Counter-Intel Specialist (current, see Document Bluesoul-01-SPC), Euclid Containment Agent (former)

Vitals: Height 1.6m, Weight 68kg, Hair Brown, Eyes Brown. Distinguishing marks include one "No Kings" tattoo on back of neck, small scar on right cheek. Displays moderate pectus excavatum.

History: Dr. T████ was originally introduced to the Foundation as contracted IT support to recable Site-24's fiber-optic lines and diagnose persistent failures in a server rack in Research Wing B. Near the end of the work, SCP-1048 was spotted free of containment. When Dr. T████ punched SCP-1048 through a non-structural wall and into the Containment Wing, he was approached by Dr. Kensington for employment as full-time IT Support and possible work outside of network administration. Upon consultation with O5, it was proposed that T████ be planted in the SPC. To date, his work in that sphere has been somewhat successful.

SCPs contained:

Additional Contributions:
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UIU File: 2017-102
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