Blue Team
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Received: 2016-01-06T20:49
To: Frank <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
From: Micheal M. Carter <pcs.9ohr|retracm#pcs.9ohr|retracm>
Subject: re: Abnormal Inbound Traffic

I took a look at the traffic dumps from this morning like you said; it looks like whoever it was was trying to fuzz our network. Are we going to be attacked?

Received: 2016-01-06T21:19
To: Micheal M. Carter <pcs.9ohr|retracm#pcs.9ohr|retracm>
From: Frank <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
Subject: re:re: Abnormal Inbound Traffic

Its probably nothing to get worked up about. Keep an eye out though, just in case.

Received: 2016-01-07T15:46
To: Support <pcs.9ohr|troppus#pcs.9ohr|troppus>
From: Alice J. Nakamura <pcs.75|arumakana#pcs.75|arumakana>
Subject: I need to get on facebook!

My computer isn't working, I can't get onto facebook to update my status, and my phone isn't working. I need to get on, pls hurry!

Received: 2016-01-07T16:14
To: Alice J. Nakamura <pcs.75|arumakana#pcs.75|arumakana>
From: Do Not Reply <pcs.9ohr|ylperon#pcs.9ohr|ylperon>
Subject: re: I need to get on facebook!

The network is currently undergoing maintenance in response to an incident earlier today. Please be patient while we resolve this issue.

Do not reply to this email. This address is not monitored.

Incident Report 05007-7466

Date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM ):   2016-01-07 22:30  
Location:  ☑ Site  57  ☐ Area    ☐ Other:        
Department:   Cyberhazard Containment   
Name of Filing Personnel:   Robert Burdette   
Type of Incident:  ☑ Containment Breach ☐ Uncontained Anomaly ☐ Other:       
List of Anomalies Involved:  SCP-2234, possible unknown others         
Were procedures in place?  ☑ Yes ☐ No
Were procedures violated?  ☐ Yes ☑ No ☐ N/A
Were personnel injured? (If yes, attach list.)  ☑ Yes  ☐ No
Were facilities or equipment damaged? (If yes, attach list.)  ☑ Yes ☐ No

Received: 2016-01-08T04:14
To: Jonathan Harris <pcs.dilcue|9491-pcs#pcs.dilcue|9491-pcs>
From: info <pcs.puorglioksream|ofni#pcs.puorglioksream|ofni>
Subject: Containment Specialists hate him! With this one (1) easy trick, you too can escape containment!

[This message has been detected as spam.]

Received: 2016-01-08T03:44
To: Gina <pcs.9ohr|anig#pcs.9ohr|anig>
CC: Micheal M. Carter <pcs.9ohr|retracm#pcs.9ohr|retracm>
From: Frank <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
Subject: Shut off the servers

A lot of critical systems have been compromised, including the mail servers; there is a lot of spam mail going around the system, and it can't be coming from outside. The spam filters are holding for the moment but there's too much load, and they could go under at any time.
I need you two to shut off the main servers and switch to the fail-over systems - I'd like to deal with the current situation as quick as possible with as little downtime as we can manage; hopefully the backup systems don't have the same vulnerability.

Received: 2016-01-08T04:05
To: Frank <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
From: Gina <pcs.9ohr|anig#pcs.9ohr|anig>
Subject: Gremlins

Ok, we're down here next to the server room, but I don't think it will be possible to shut them off and bring the backup systems up - the server room is filled with smoke and there are hundreds of little gremlins infesting the servers and chewing cables. Its not safe to go in there, we need to get another containment team down here to take care of these things.

Received: 2016-01-08T04:07
To: Gina <pcs.9ohr|anig#pcs.9ohr|anig>
From: Frank <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
Subject: re: Gremlins

Ok, I'm sending a containment team to you, hold tight. In the meantime, see if Micheal can get to the console from the top. There should be enough space in the plenum for her to be able to fit and get across. The spam filter server just crashed altogether, so there's
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Received: 2016-01-08T02:29
To: Micheal M. Carter <pcs.9ohr|retracm#pcs.9ohr|retracm>
From: becky <pcs.liamtoh|1005emit_ykceb#pcs.liamtoh|1005emit_ykceb>
Subject: I am contacting you in respect of a family treasure of gold depositied in my name

i am Becky Ofori a Daevite from Ashanti region Kinasi Daeva . I am contacting you in respect of a family treasure of gold depositied in my name by my late father who was a gold and diamond merchant.
As a well known business man,and a strong politician ,my father was brutally murdered during the regime of J.J. Rawlings the ex- president of the federal republic of Daeva , as he was accused of mating the general public against the government of the day.
Right now we are passing through great difficulties and i only discovered a document which shows that my father while he was alive deposited a consignment of gold with my name as the next of kin with a security outfit in my country.We have made all inquiry to confirm this fact with the security outfit .
I want you to come to Daeva and see for yourself what i am talking about as my beneficiary or help us effect the sale overseas .We are prepared to go into any afreement for percentage of compensation for your anticipated help , and we are very much prepared to part with 20% of the sales money for your help and assistance for a loan of 5 blood sacrifises to resecure the gold to enable us use the proceeds to put our lives on course again by leaving Daeva completely to overseas to start life afresh .

Received: 2016-01-08T04:19
To: Frank <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
From: Gina <pcs.9ohr|anig#pcs.9ohr|anig>
Subject: Timeloop Timeshare

Have the time of your life, over and over and over! This timeloop timeshare offer can't be beat!
The spam is getting worse. Micheal managed to get above the console; the little buggers don't seem to be able to get to her. I'm having her shut the whole system down so we won't be able to communicate by email until the other systems are up. Talk to you later.

Received: 2016-01-08T04:20
To: Gina <pcs.9ohr|anig#pcs.9ohr|anig>
From: Envelope Logistics <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
Subject: Make massive profits!

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