Audio Adaptations

This is a page to showcase those articles, stories, and interviews which have been adapted into audio form. Please include the links to both the audio and the article.

Article Audio Link
SCP-058 (Document) Transcription 058-04
SCP-990 (Document) Document 990-02
SCP-682 Addendum 682-B Addendum 682-B
Behind-The-Scenes SCP-993 - Behind the Scenes
10:30 A.M. 10:30 A.M.
A Holiday Appeal A Holiday Appeal
Clef's Seminar Dr. Clef's seminar, "Reality Benders and You: How to Survive When Existence Doesn't."
Critters Critters - SCP-027
D-Class Orientation D-Class Orientation (NSFW)
SCP-735 (Interview) Addendum 735a (NSFW)
Welcome to the Future Welcome to the Future
SCP-846 SCP-846: Interview 846-1
Memories Memories
Ethics Committee orientation Ethics Committee orientation
Supplemental Report 239-B-192 Supplemental Report 239-B-192
SCP-426 SCP-426
chowderclef chowderclef
Document Recovered From The Marianas Trench Recovered From The Marianas Trench
Bees Bees
SCP-1867 SCP-1867 - Addendum-02
SCP-087 (Document #087-I) SCP-087 - Document #087-I
SCP-087 (Document #087-II) SCP-087 - Document #087-II
About The SCP Foundation A Word from 'The Administrator'
Why Change ? Why Change ?
Learning Shit Learning Shit
crunch crunch
Recording Stuff Or Whatever Recording Stuff Or Whatever
SCP-079 SCP-079 - Document Logs 12 & 86
Play Play
SCP-999 SCP-999-A
Scratches Scratching
SCP-096 Retrieval Incident #096-1-A
black white black white black white black white black white gray black white black white black white black white black white gray
SCP-457 SCP-457 Interview
SCP-001:O5 SCP-001:O5
SCP-058 (Interview) Interview 058-04
UIU Orientation UIU Orientation
Eldritch Application Eldritch Application
Urban Legends Urban Legends (The Lombardi Tales)
Grasp On Reality Grasp On Reality (The Lombardi Tales)
Property Values Property Values (The Lombardi Tales)
Fire Fire (Creepypasta)
Quiet Days Quiet Days
Contain Yourself Contain Yourself
SCP-1678 SCP-1678 "UnLondon" (Entrance monolouge)
Welcome to the Future Welcome to the Future (remake)
The O5 Orientation The O5 Orientation
SCP-1252 (Interview) Interview 1252-001
Playing God Playing God
SCP-1000 (Document) Document Alpha-1596-1000
Memetics and Infohazards Division Orientation Memetics and Infohazards Division Orientation
SCP-543-J (Experiment Log) Experiment Log 543-Sierra-Sigma-J
Medical Seminar Medical Seminar
Surgery Surgery
SCP-231 SCP-231
SCP-026 (Exploration) Exploration 026-04
Mobile Task Force Basic School: Induction Remarks SCP | MTF ██████ | Agent Usuv
SCP-2099 SCP-2099-A-1, -7, & -19
SCP-093 (Agent's Report) Agent's Report
SCP-105 (Interview) Interview
SCP-001-o5 (Part One) Part One
SCP-001-o5 (Part Two) Part Two
SCP-087 (Exploration III) Exploration III
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