Application to form MTF Rho-87
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To: Director of MTFs
From: Dr. Ahmed Faisal, Site-19
Subject: Application to form MTF Rho-87 ("All Chewed Up")

There are multiple GoIs currently that produce anomalous items for public use. MC&D, Wondertainment, The Factory, etc. All of these GoIs have produced edible anomalies of some kind, but in generally small and exclusive amounts.

We are, unfortunately, now aware of a small GoI operating somewhere in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, with a particular spotlight on Seattle, Boise, and multiple small towns throughout the region. This GoI has, so far, only produced a single SCP - SCP-2867, a strain of anomalous cheese that currently constitutes a Class III memetic hazard, a Class V security breach, and a Class VII biohazard - it is self-replicating, compulsive, infectious, and, unfortunately, available for public consumption. It has appeared in cheese shops, supermarkets, and delicatessens throughout the regions, appearing as various recognised and unrecognised brands of gorgonzola, mozzarella, and most recently, cheddar and monterey jack cheeses. They are chemically and visually indistinguishable from normal cheese, and containment has been left to individual tracking and destruction of infected individuals. What we need, however, is to find and destroy the source.

Enter Jack Terrence and Terrence Farms, the former being an unknown PoI and the latter being the assumed producer of SCP-2867. From physical evidence and witness statements, we have determined Jack Terrence to be the original creator of SCP-2867, and Terrence Farms to be his, or her, business. Jack Terrence's identity, location, and motive are all unknown, and we know just as little information about The Farms as we do about him.

A small statistic you won't find in the listed document: SCP-2867 has killed over 220 people, including one agent, two foundation assets in the Seattle PD, and my former colleague, Dr. Pradesh. We have destroyed over 970kgs of captured product; this is about 1/10 of the assumed amount present. We've spent over 32 million dollars on containment; amnestics and situational blanketing alone have set us back 5 million. SCP-2867 is a Keter-class SCP; and it deserves such treatment.

My request is simple. If I could have access to a small and decently-funded MTF, we could most likely neutralise the threat before it gains national or international footing. This MTF would require very little; our entire requisitions form can be found on the next page. By extension, if my MTF can prove itself in this endeavour, which I'm sure it will, we can extend to a fully-fledged MTF.

I hope you take my request into consideration.

With regards,

Dr. Ahmed Faisal, Site-19

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