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Hey, I am Anorrack, also spelled Anorak, Anorack, Anoraque, A|\|0|2a|<, and 01100001 01101110 01101111 01110010 01100001 01101011. In my off time I read, write, and have nightly staring contests with my sleep paralysis monster, who always seems to win. In the case of my disappearance or unfortunate demise, my articles are to be auctioned off, with the minimum bid being five cents. If the articles cannot be auctioned off, the items are to be given to charity, preferably to one that treats those afflicted with writer's block.

SCP Articles

SCP Rating
SCP-4110 59
SCP-5350 26
SCP-4641 27
SCP-4724 67
SCP-5116 28


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No tales here yet!

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Recommended SCP Authors

A Random DayA Random Day: Hands down one of the best writers on the site, and one of the funniest people in chat. Part of the Holy Trinity of the Third Law creators. His tales manage to convey so much energy and action to them as seen in Speed Demon series, and his articles are always well put together. He is bursting with ideas, most will never actually get published. His strengths lie in the fact that he doesn't have to tell, as he is skilled at the art of implication. They always leave me intrigued and satisfied, and yet blue-balled wanting more. Only downside? Likes catgirls.

Recommended Articles: Hypervelocity, SCP-2664, SCP-2790

Rating: A demon drug cocktail/10

MetaphysicianMetaphysician: A keystone in the making of the Sarkcism lore, and expanding their universe, making them sympathetic and their goals concrete. Examples can be found here. Their icky, gooey tales have always left me feeling like someone dropped an ice cube down the back of my shirt, as they can describe the most esoteric body horror succinctly, yet still make these godless abominations still likable and have depth.

Recommended Articles: Nadox and the Mekhanite, SCP-2480

Rating: ✮✮✮✮✰

GreenWolfGreenWolf: The second third of the Holy Trinity of Third Law, and a wonder to talk to in chat. Helped create Three Portlands, and greatly fleshed out the world that is Third Law. His writing, building likable diverse characters in a variety of settings, makes him amazing to work with and get feedback from. Bit picky and snippy at points, like why did you have to say Luke Skywalker is a war criminal, c'mon dude.

Recommended Articles: The Phoenix, The Nightingale, and The Magpies, SCP-5525, SCP-2897

Rating: 2

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