Amuness Trovolock Creeps



A picture that shows enough of who I am

Name: Amuness Trovolock Creeps

Alias: The Creeps, Trovolock, The Big F- You!

Clearance Level: 2 3

Location: Site-48 and Normalcy

Occupation: Dimension traveler, story writer

Species: Scarlet Beholder-Type Human

Age: ██

Background: Amuness Creeps was recovered by Dr. Bridge during an incident where Amuness flipped off the ocean and was attacked by a bunch of sea urchins. The sea urchins then charged after Amuness, and he nearly died.

[REDACTED] had planned to place Amuness Creeps on Keter Duty, however, since he's a reality bender, he killed the sea urchins by [DATA EXPUNGED] and made a rip in the fabric of space. He also apologized and everyone was happy once more. He built Site-48 around the rip so that he could plan to fix that one day. Amuness built Site-48 with his DAMN BARE HANDS!

Afterwards, he tried to go out on his own to get more SCPs in Site-48 so it doesn't become bankrupt. He failed. Amuness then accidentally spilled water on Researcher ████ and was demoted to Level 0.

Amuness lost SCP-001 in a space-time vortex [DATA EXPUNGED].

He then went AWOL and joined the Chaos Insurgency for not being given his daily dose of pretzels. The CI threw him out immediately and The Foundation accepted him because he joined and quit the Foundation so fast that they didn't notice.

Tried to join Are We Cool Yet? Wasn't cool enough. But he was told he was not so hot. He was happy about that.

His ideas glowed for Site-48; with the ideas brighter than Dr. Moon and his enthusiasm stronger than those black paper clip holding things that you used to put on your finger as a kid and they fucking hurt. He found DreamwalkerFae and asked him for help through a pay phone. Together they discovered and contained SCP-2341. He was promoted to Level 1 clearance for doing a good job. He also become good friends with Fae!

Afterwards, he was fucking around in his insanity room, locating more anomalies so that he can become more helpful i guess. guys is this seriously the script >_> like I don't mean to— ok put the gun down I'll do it i'll do it sheesh

Amuness Creeps then found a drunken fool and discovered an annoying alarm clock in his bed. He contained it and classified it as SCP-938-J. The fool was happy since it was contained as it was very annoying. Amuness Creeps then went through an emotional state and collapsed…

…in exhaustion. Voct discovered Amuness Creeps and Dr. Hysteria trying to re-contain an out-of-control time loop called SCP-694. Voct cracked his knuckles and re-contained dat shit like a boss.

Waxx was impressed by Amuness Creeps's great work and had asked him if he would like to be his personal assistant in moving boxes 'n' stuff around. He agreed.

Afterwards, Amuness found the ENCC base after a killerax had gave him instructions to it. He used the documents he found to make a paper boat hat thing.

And that kids is how I got to Normalcy!

Addendum Amuness Creeps-1: This is 46% accurate. —O5-11

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