Alpha-11 (Musketeers) Field Log
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Field reports

Mission ID: 001
Time of deployment: 2011-06-15 21:58
Duration: e.g. 1 day and 19 hours
Field use of 704551-A/B? No
List of linked assets:

  • Agent Roche/Agent Makepeace (704551-C-1)


  • Agent Roche: Standard body armor, night vision + infrared headgear, G36C assault rifle, USP.45, standard issue packet of plastic restraints
  • Agent Makepeace: None (not deployed)

Operation plan:
GOI-15231's base of operations has been located in [REDACTED], Bosnia. The base is situated inside an abandoned factory bordering a dense forest on its west side. Reconaissance units have detected nine (9) GOI members inside the base. Agent Roche is to deploy 500 meters west of the compound at 23:00 local time (22:00 GMT), eliminate all GOI members and broadcast an "all clear" signal. Upon receiving the signal, a containment team is to be deployed. Agent Roche is to be extracted after arrival of containment team. Agent Makepeace is to stay at in order to provide medical and other assistance via link.
Action report:
Commencing at 21:58, Agent Roche deployed by mid-flight parachute drop. A two-member patrol was encountered 100 away from the target and eliminated without incident.

Upon entering the compound at 22:35, Agent Roche encountered the bulk of the counter-attack force, made of four GOI members. In the resulting firefight, lasting 20 minutes, three GOI members were killed and one heavily injured. Additionally, Agent Roche sustained several injuries which were easily treated via 704551-C-1.

Agent Roche proceeded to the basement level, encountering a reinforced door. While explosives were not issued, Agent Makepeace managed to send a small amount of explosives via 704551-C-1 by having them stitched to his right arm. Agent Roche then placed the explosives on the door frame.

Following detonation, Agent Roche entered the room. One of the remaining GOI members has been crushed by the door upon detonation. The other two were unarmed and did not provide resistance while being restrained. At 23:23, Agent Roche broadcasted the "all clear" signal, designating the site as secure. The containment team arrived at 23:55 and Agent Roche extracted without incident at 00:10. The containment team returned to base at 02:30.
Post-action report:
As a result of the mission, five (5) anomalous items have been retrieved and tested at Alpha-11 headquarters. Two weeks later, a full cessation of GOI-15231 activity has been confirmed and the group is considered disbanded.
The mission was a success, proving the efficiency of both MTF Alpha-11 and use of anomalous items in combat situations.-O5-█
I could have done better.-Agent Roche
So, when are we taking on the GOC?-Agent Makepeace
Haha. Very funny, Makepeace.-Agent Roche

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