All That Glisters
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Item Listings

  1. 'Kaiju Caviar' (OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2)
  2. 'Osteotronic Cubes' (VXY33/F7RQ3/9XAD1)
  3. 'The Dark Web' (DKE79/O2RG5/4JLW6)
  4. 'Fidget Winners' (FDG43/W1NR3/5SLA2)
  5. 'Somatic Backups' (SOM64/B2DI5/3GYO7)
  6. 'SmartHex' (SMR82/H0EX3/4DNV9)
  7. 'Thunderbolt Iron' (PE679/RE245/EM285)


  1. So They Called Him Darke
  2. Dark And Disquieting
  3. Micky D's
  4. 1001 Dark And Stormy Nights ~ written by fieldstonefieldstone
  5. Freaks, Friends and Fiends
  6. Text Message In A Bottle
  7. A Vale of Tears
  8. A Pound Of Flesh, A Piece Of Meat
  9. Holding an Umbrella but the Sun's Still Shining ~ written by DarkStuffDarkStuff
  10. Free Consultation
  11. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These
  12. We're All Mad Here
  13. How Is Your Name?
  14. And The World Felt Like Nothing, Amen
  15. Masks, Monsters, & Merchants

External Reports

  1. SCP-3189, For The Man Who Has Everything
  2. SCP-3277, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick
  3. SCP-3549, Sweet Medieval Bitcoin
Iris Dark by DonutThug

I had a bit of trouble coming up with a decent name for this hub. Multiple people suggested something to the effect of 'all that glitters', but that seemed a little too trite. So I was looking up quotes from the Merchant of Venice, hoping something there might be appropriate, and lo and behold I see that the original Shakespeare quote is in fact "All that glisters is not gold". It carries the same meaning, but the obsolete Elizabethan synonym gives it a veneer of antiquity and pretentiousness that I feel is appropriate with this series.

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