aismallard's personnel file
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File photo of D-41562.
A male Anas platyrhynchos.

Personnel #: D-41562

Clearance: Level-0

Nationality: United States of America

Prior Profession: Software Engineer

DOB: 19██/██/██

Sex: M


Disposability Rating: 4

Medical Notes:

  • Class-2 Amnestic Resistance
  • Medium Cognitive Resistance Value (9.3)
  • Dislikes nuts

Involved projects:

D-91386 was told to say "my name is D-88111".
D-88111's identification was changed.

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Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

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When the anomaly is activated, the individuals, including their clothing, attached equipment, and jewelry, immediately switch positions.

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Oak wood restraints painted cyan and reinforced with lead-telekill-iron-oxide alloy have been attached to the object to prevent spills.

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SCP-4322 is a radio transceiver, anomalously modified to transmit psionic waves instead of electromagnetic radiation.

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Project Debriefings:

Some thoughts on the articles I've written. Spoilers galore.

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