Active Projects

These are currently active projects that are related in some way to the SCP Foundation.

  • The Wanderers' Library - A collection of stories based around the Serpent's Hand.
  • Origins - An SCP RP based on the Foundation in the early 1950's.
  • Far Recon - An SCP RP based on SCP-354
  • SCP-CCG - One of two proposed card game projects. Currently being updated and revised by Moley. Please see updated pages for details. Demo decks will be uploaded soon for feedback.

Inactive Projects

These projects appear to not have been updated in quite a while, whether they've been put on hiatus, suspended, or abandoned.

  • SCP Game Project - In particular, the SCP Choose Your Own Adventure Game. Last Status - Done recruiting members (unless you're XNA programmers), and is currently producing concepts and story lines.
  • SCP-TCG - One of two proposed card game projects. Last Status - The foundations have been laid, but much more work needs to be done.
  • SCP.pdf Project - Transforming all of the current articles into atmospheric .pdfs. Last Status - More then half-way done now, only four entry blocks remain. A periodic update will be needed after this is finished, to take in to account edits, additions and deletions.
  • Active Duty - Currently on hiatus.
  • The Tamlin House - Currently on hiatus.
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