Achievement Badges For Fun
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Allow me to borrow these paragraphs from this page, it is also what I'm about to say:

Yet here is my own word:

ID Name Content Icon
001 Chaos Insurgency Destroy Foundation facilities and/or sites 5 times or more. 01.png
002 Not enough Author of at least 10 SCPs/GOI-format/tales/artworks that are all rated +30 or higher and are downvoted by the same member. 02.png
003 I see you Author of at least 2 jumpscare SCPs, all rated +40 or higher. With at least 10 members in total commented that they were scared. 29.png
004 Atlas's hand Create a canon in canon-hub, and write at least 5 SCPs/tales/goi-format for it. All rated +50 or higher. 04.png
005 Star Chaser Holding the highest number of reviewers-spotlight articles in the site. 32.png
006 I'm coming!

First article (SCP/tale/GOI-format/artwork) posted after joining the site rated at least +60.


At least 1 of the first 5 articles (SCPs/tales/GOI-formats/artworks) posted which stays on the site rated at least +30, with a word count of 6000 or higher (excluding syntax code).

007 "Even in this darkest of nights, I see…the moonlight…"

Author of at least 3 SCPs/tales/GOI-formats rated +30 or higher, with each article containing at least one of the following scenes:

Post-K-Class Scenario(s) Foundation still existed without a great loss. Or;

Foundation as a whole had been infected by compulsion/mind-affecting/amorphous/intangible anomalies, but eventually it got out of this situation. Or;

Multiple Foundation facilities were attacked, but eventually Foundation overpowered the enemy or reconciled with them without a great loss. Or;

Containment breach of highly dangerous anomalous entity which was previously contained by the Foundation. Eventually it was successfully re-contained.

008 The Universal Man Author of at least 1 tale, GOI-format, Main-list SCP, 001-proposal, creepypasta/crossover, essay, artwork and hub/guide each. All rated +50 or higher. 09.png
009 Step into the house Author of at least 2 main list SCPs or tales that all rated +50 or higher, at least 2 001-proposal/GOI-format that all rated +60 or higher, and at least 1 artwork page rated +70 or higher. 10.png
010 Rising from the ashes Rewrite an SCP/tale/GOI-format two times or more, the final version rated +70 or higher. 11.png
011 Caught in a self-set trap Let one or more foundation-made anomaly cause K-Class Scenarios in at least 3 SCPs/tales. 12.png
012 Lost in a Paradox Author of at least one SCP/tale/GOI-format which involves ethics-committee-related content. Containing a scene where the committee is facing a dilemma. Rated +40 or higher. 13.png
013 Smriti Author of at least 6 SCPs or tales with daevite, golden-horde, xia-dynasty or children-of-the-torch tags. All rated +30 or higher. 14.png
014 Happy to work with you

Wrote a co-authored SCP/tale/GOI-format together with 5 or more members. Rated +30 or higher.


Translate an SCP/tale/GOI format/artwork from another branch together with 5 or more members.

015 Job-hopping Author of at least 5 different GOI-format. All rated +50 or higher. 16.png
016 Teleportation Used at least 5 different themes that fit the article. 17.png
017 The glimmer of lives

Author of at least 6 SCPs rated +50 or higher. At least 1 of them contains plant/cactaceous/arboreal tag, at least 3 contain animal tag, at least 1 contains avian tag, at least 1 contains cephalopodic tag, at least 1 contains invertebrate/insect/arthropod tag, at least 1 contains reptilian/xenarthran tag, and at least 1 of them contains piscine tag.

018 Claws Behind Secure a total of 100 upvotes or more in a Jam contest and didn't become a winner of anything. 19.png
019 Transnational distribution Author of an SCP/tale/GOI-format related to at least one GOI from another branch. Rated +40 or higher. 20.png
020 Sharpedo Author of a SPC-related SCP/tale/GOI-format. Containing bombing/explosion-related content and rated +40 or higher. 21.png
021 Broken but complete Author of a broken1 SCP/tale/GOI-format related to The Church of the Broken God. Rated +40 or higher. 22.png
022 Flag holder Author of at least 100 articles (SCPs/tales/GOI-formats/artworks/hubs/essays/guides). All rated +40 or higher. 23.png
023 Heroes in despair Let other GOI(s) save the world when the Foundation has fallen. 05.png
024 Fill it!

Author of an SCP/tale/GOI-format with at least 50 footnotes. Rated +50 or higher.


Author of an SCP/tale/GOI-format with at least 30 links to another page on the site. Rated +50 or higher.

025 Drifting in the echos of the hours

Author of at least 3 SCPs/tales with children-of-the-night tag. All rated +50 or higher.


Author of at least 5 SCPs/tales with children-of-the-night tag.

026 Even the smallest person can change the course of the future

Author of an article (SCP/tale/GOI-format) with at least 10 major/minor GOIs' tags. Rated at least +30.


Author of an article (SCP/tale/GOI-format) with at least 5 canons' tags. Rated at least +30.

027 The one who keeps its place, and all the stars turn towards it

At least 25 SCPs/tales/GOI-formats posted by other writers on the site are based on the content you created (SCPs/tales/canons/hubs etc.). At least 10 of them are linked to the page of content they based on.


At least 15 pieces of artworks posted on the site (in any branch) are based on the content you created (SCPs/tales/canons/hubs etc.).

N/A Foundation Star Platinum Achieved 10 or more achievements from this page. N%3AA.png

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