A Researcher's Tale
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That's all I have to do. I just watch.

Watch, and remember, and report back.

I'm on my own here, there's only one researcher at a time allowed through the gate. It's lonely, sometimes, but I suppose it'll be worth it, the amount of information I'll be able to get off this one is going to be of great benefit to us in the long run. And after all I'm not really in any place to complain, I knew what I was getting into when I was sent here, when they told me what I was going to have to do. It's not been easy, and the long hours of interviews are a real pain, but at least I know it's all for the greater good.

With the information that I'm getting from these interviews we should be able to ensure that if one of these things gets free in our world, we'll know enough about them to be able to neutralise the threat immediately. And maybe even find out a way of getting rid of all of them in one fell swoop. They're clearly a massive threat, in our world or theirs.

But until then I watch, and I learn, and I make notes. Although they have to be in my head, I couldn't bring anything to write on when I entered the containment area.

I learn more and more about the creatures every day, with every interview, with every move they make. They're so expressive in their body language, they give it all away, despite how alien their physiology.

I think I may even have some ideas on how we can get one of our special teams into their world, and eradicate them all.

Sometimes, though, I miss my home. My family. I don't like it here.

It's this site. These people.

This Foundation.

It's just…

They're all… so… disgusting.

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